A Birthday Care Package

I’ve been hanging onto this birthday care package for months, so I’m pretty excited to finally share it with you!

The best part of having a birthday that lands on a holiday (like Veterans Day) is that you always get that day off…unless you’re deployed, and then it’s just like any other day.

Which is why I wanted my husband’s birthday care package to stand out and be extra awesome.

Celebrating a Birthday From Afar

My husband’s birthday is on Veterans Day, so it’s usually a double whammy for celebrating. A fun birthday, and a day off!

I wanted to make sure he still enjoyed his day despite no day off this year.

The icing on the cake for this particular care package is that I actually won it from Rachel over at Countdowns and Cupcakes a couple months before he deployed.

I set it aside and couldn’t wait to put it together, and send it his way.

Decorating a Birthday Care Package

While you absolutely don’t have to ever decorate a care package, my kids find it extra fun, and it’s one way to bring some fun into a deployment.

Plus, I like to think it brings an extra smile to my husband’s face when he opens it.

My go-to care-package “decorating” includes stickers (SO great for kids to do this, since they can stick those stickers on everywhere), tissue paper, construction paper, wrapping paper, duct tape, and even fun napkins taped to the box’s flaps.

Thankfully, Rachel’s talent was much appreciated for this box.

The flap papers were sturdy and already put together (with the party hats, letters, balloons, etc. already on them); they just needed a quick trim, and then I tapped them to the box’s flaps.

I looooooove that I didn’t have to cut out or deal with anything else. She took care of that part.

Fun Birthday Care Package Treats

Even better, since I won it in a giveaway, she included some fun birthday-themed items that I probably wouldn’t have thought about.

The pinata, for example? My husband got a huge kick out of it.

He and his friends may not throw a raging party with the hats and noise makers, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

We added a few gifts for him—the birthday boy got a new Kindle, a personalized mousepad so he can always see our faces at work, an obnoxious noise-making birthday card, and birthday Oreos (priorities).

Oh, and lots of streamer confetti, from the girls, of course.

Would you send a pre-decorated birthday care package?

If you need a fun birthday care package—or other fun, themed box decorations or ideas, absolutely check out her site and Etsy store. She’s killing it with making your care packages unique and fun with minimal work on your end!

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