Christmas Gifts for a Mom that Don’t Suck

Seriously, how many times do you get a gift, and you’re like, “Aw, gee, thanks; you shouldn’t have.” No, really you shouldn’t have. Well, here’s a round up of gifts for a mom that don’t suck, so pass it on to anyone who may need some hints.

It’s also geared towards moms with young kids, digging through the toddler-hood trenches, or those who are just now pulling themselves out of that sleep-deprived state. Because that’s the stage I’m in.

While I do need gift ideas for my own mom, these would be things that I would love to receive.

Gifts for a mom

Guys (men, husbands, spouses, etc.), if you’re reading this, unless she is absolutely CRAZY about them, put down the lotion and candles, and check out these ideas—these gifts for a mom that she may really, truly, actually desperately want.

What’s on the list? Behold…gifts for a mom that don’t suck:

A Starbucks gift card

….because most have a drive-through, and there’s no way I’m hauling three kids inside a coffee shop when I need a coffee fix. And look, I’m alllllll about supporting local places and bypassing big chains, so if your town has a local drive through coffee place, then head there first!

Pro tip: opening a gift card isn’t fun. Tape it to the back of a pair of earrings, a new book, or something—anything—that she may enjoy.

Get The Van Detailed.

Listen, there very well could be something living underneath the backseats of my van, and I wouldn’t know it until it shimmied its way out of the pile of Gold Fish crumbs, applesauce caps, and mounds of sweaters and coats.

Don’t even get me started on the stuff that’s stuck to the carpet or wedged underneath the car seats. Just leave us stranded at home one day and please, PLEASE, take the van for a deep clean.

One Hour and $50 in Target ALONE

There is nothing worse than a toddler meltdown in the middle of our happy place, or (our own) kids to keep track of (because once you let them roam out of the darn cart ONE time, they want to be out all the time).

Let us walk around the entire store without hearing the words, “Can I have this?” “Mama, I want this.” “I need the bathroom.” “Are we done yet?”

Give us some time, money, and instructions to not return unless we have something for only ourselves in our bag.

A Full Week of NOT Cooking or Eating Out For Dinner

“What’s for dinner?” I want to be the one asking that question for one week. That’s all I’m asking for: one week where I don’t have to plan out, make, or clean up dinner.

I realize that a week is asking a lot, but a girl can dream, right?

And no, take out, mac and cheese, or anything the kids will gladly, and willingly eat is off the table. I want a home-cooked meal made for us (if they don’t eat it, sorry; I promise I’ll enjoy it.)

Honorable mention: Get this microwave pasta cooker, too, because you can literally make a box of mac and cheese in six minutes. No more waiting for water to boil; it’s a parenting game changer. *But remember, no mac and cheese during this week…unless it’s mixed with bacon and lobster


I’m not talking “tidying up” or going all “Kondo” on the place. Instead, actually hire someone to come in, and deep clean the entire house.

Yeah, you’ll have to rally as a family and probably pick things up beforehand (gotta clean to get it cleaned, right?), but there is literally nothing more satisfying than walking into a sparkly clean house that you didn’t have to clean.

Let me repeat that: there is literally nothing more satisfying than walking into a sparkly clean house that you didn’t have to clean

Schedule a Family Photo Session

If you’re not one to take yearly family photos, this would be a fantastic time to set something up. There is something incredibly precious for a mom to actually be in the photo with her kids. Family photos are absolutely, positively worth the investment.

Breakfast in Bed

Maybe not breakfast in bed on Christmas morning, but this is a superb gift idea. In fact, you can make a cheesy coupon book or a handmade card, and include this gift in it so she can redeem it the night before.

Nothing like knowing you can sleep in and snooze until breakfast is brought up to you…or so I hear.

Are these good gifts for a mom?

Are you a mom? What would you love to receive? Share your ideas or which gifts for a mom you like below.


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