A Valentine Care Package

Now that my husband is back in his sandbox, it’s time to kick up the snail mail to him again; this time we’re sending him all the hearts, sweets, and love we could squeeze into a Valentine care package!

Need some ideas on how to spread the love overseas? This Valentine care package is filled with love notes, sweet treats, and extra goodies!


The kids always have fun with this part, because I let them draw on the box flaps, or cover it with stickers.

I took advantage of Valentine stuff lining the aisles at the store, and picked up some heart wrapping paper to decorate the box’s flaps to make it fun.

Instead of doing it myself, I actually had Julia measure out the size of each flap, and cut out the wrapping paper herself. I liked giving her some ownership of putting this Valentine care package together.

Here’s the thing: We’re not making these for any competitions, pinterest-worthy repins, or to go viral on Instagram. We’re making these to make our favorite person smile, and it’s a way for the kids to express their love for him…with stickers. All the stickers.


I needed to distract my kids after our glorious two-week vacation with my husband, so I came up with a “secret” project and told them about it the day before he left. My hope was that they could envision something other than him leaving, and to put all of those big feelings into another outlet.

I told them we were going to cut out a lot of pretty hearts, and on each of them we’d write down something we love about Papa.

Our plan was to have a box full of love.

I like that we “baked” together

The girls didn’t miss a beat. The day we dropped him off at the airport we went straight to the craft store and stocked up on paper, then they made their list of things they loved, and started writing them out.


One afternoon the kids created some Valentine decor for our house, and since we had some extra canvases, they popped a couple of their masterpieces in the box so he could decorate his office…with love.


We also spent a morning baking some heart brownies—and a few peanut-butter swirl heart brownies—and packed them in the box, too. Let it be known that we managed to fit four dozen brownies in there; I’m curious how many he ended up sharing.

Plus, since the weather is cooperating, we also tossed in some bags of kisses; it is a Valentine care package after all! I debated opening the kisses and sprinkling them throughout the box, but decided against it just in case it got stuck somewhere with a random heat wave.

The last thing I’d want is for him to open up a gooey care package.


Since he was just home, and we knew he didn’t need anything, we went the more sentimental, personal, and fun route this time. (But I think sending a fun pair of boxers or even a small scrapbook of just the two of you would be great ideas, too.)

I’d love to know what you’d send in your Valentine care package; would you keep it more personal and sentimental, or pack it full of sweets and treats?

Need some ideas on how to spread the love overseas? This Valentine care package is filled with love notes, sweet treats, and extra goodies!


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