Awesome Amazon Valentine Gifts For Him

Let’s be honest: shopping for guys can be hard, especially for a day saturated with roses, pink and red hearts, and LOVE. So if you need some quick and easy ideas to get the gift job done—so to speak, here are some Valentine gifts from Amazon that may be up your (prime) alley.


I did the hard work for you, so now all you have to do is click the links for the things your man needs in his life, and get it shipped to you before Valentine’s Day. #yourwelcome

1. Nothing says, “I want you,” more than a little somethin’ somethin’, like these “Love is in the Air” boxer briefs, to spice it up in the bedroom, if you now what I mean. *wink wink* (If you have time (i.e. you’re not procrastinating like I usually do,) I’m practically dying over these personalized undies for him.)

2. So you got your coffee lover a “Best Dad” mug, or a personalized mug, but then he takes it to work (to show it off, of course), and before he knows it, he has cold coffee. Talk about a bummer. This nifty mug warmer solves that chilly problem, and it has an auto shut off switch!

3. Take your gentleman’s shaving experience to the next level with this shaving kit. It comes with everything he’ll need to get a close, clean, bump-free shave.

4. Looking for a grown up toy for your man? Drones are super fun and pretty popular, and the price on this one is a good deal.

5. I’ve got gadgets and gizmo’s a plenty…is what he’ll be singing after he gets his classic Swiss Army Knife for Valentine’s Day. And it even has a corkscrew on it; how convenient!

6. If your other half is into Star Wars and a little on the corny/mushy side, these matching shirts (I Love You, and I Know,) are a must!

7. Put your creativity to work and earn brownie points by making a DIY scrapbook of the two of you. It’s small enough that he can leave it in his car, at his office, or in his sock drawer. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

8. Speaking of brownies: chocolate is always a great idea (unless you’re lactose intolerant). I mean, these brownies may not be homemade, but they’re legit, and I have a feeling he’ll devour them.

9. Why yes, yes, this is a piece of steak. Did you know you can get Omaha Steaks from Amazon? You’re welcome. Plop that giant piece of meat in front of him, and he’ll be a happy camper. Plus, bonus: this Family Value Box comes with filet mignons, top sirloins, chicken breasts, burgers, gourmet-style franks, and stuffed baked potatoes. My stomach just growled.

10. Okay…I know this looks like it could be something you’d use in the bedroom, but it’s actually for the kitchen. If your guy likes to cook, this Sous Vide will take things to the next level. Everything you cook with it comes out to the exact perfect temperature.


What else is out there on Amazon that you’ve found for your man for Valentine’s Day? Tell us below!


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