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Tia Sophia’s Restaurant in Santa Fe

Stepping foot inside Tia Sophia’s restaurant in Santa Fe feels like home. If you’re expecting a fancy restaurant, think again.

If you're visiting New Mexico, make sure you visit Tia Sophia's, a popular restaurant in Santa Fe with classic, down-home New Mexican cuisine.

With a name like “Tia Sophia’s” (“tia” means aunt in Spanish), you’re basically walking inside a the heart of a New Mexican home—it doesn’t matter that this cocina is situated along one of the most popular plaza’s in America; they know how to make delicious food, and they run their business old school.

You’ll most likely be welcomed with a gaggle of hungry visitors once you walk inside. Everyone is waiting for a table, and you’re all squished like sardines together while you patiently wait; the line may even spill into the dining rooms.

There are no buzzers, no reservations, the whole party must be present to sit, and you don’t even leave your name for a table. Instead, they give you a number, and you’ll eagerly (and patiently) wait to hear your number called.

All rules and small spaces aside, the wait is worth more than worth it.

Red or Green?

Fun fact about Tia Sophia’s: they claim they coined the term “Christmas,” in reference to red and green chile! Whether or not that’s true is for you to decide, but I can safely say that their chile was fantastic. It was full of deep flavor with a welcome warm kick of heat.

I remember visiting Tia Sophia’s when I was younger with my dad, and the place hasn’t changed a bit since then.

Two rows of booths line both side of the restaurant. There are a few tables in the back, and then a half dozen spots at the counter, too.

Thankfully, there’s a quick turnaround, and your food comes out shortly after you order.

Tia Sophia’s Menu

Speaking of the food…

Tia Sophia’s doesn’t have an over-the-top menu, and they don’t jack the prices up just for being in Santa Fe. But yet it’s still classic, it’s delicious, and as far as New Mexican food goes, it’s downright near perfect.

I’m pretty predictable when it comes to New Mexican food, so I went with my favorite anywhere we go: rolled enchiladas with “Christmas” (red and green chile), and since we were there for brunch I had them plop an egg on top. (Side note: if you’ve never tried a fried egg with your chile, try it. It’s so good!)

My husband had their giant breakfast burrito smothered in beautiful Christmas red and green chile.

We also splurged and got a short-stack of their blue corn pancakes, and whoa! They were fantastic. Not overly sweet, but the smattering of pinon inside was a welcome, nutty treat with each bite.

We skipped the syrup, and enjoyed the entire thing with just a pat of butter that melted while we ate our meals.

If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by Tia Sophia’s in Santa Fe. And if you’re not in the area, make a trip up to Santa Fe, and make sure Tia Sophia’s is on your list.

Have you been to Tia Sophia’s in Santa Fe?

I’d love to hear what you thought of it, and let me know what you had to eat. I’m convinced that you can’t go wrong with whatever you pick!

If you're visiting New Mexico, make sure you visit Tia Sophia's, a popula restaurant in Santa Fe with classic, down-home New Mexican cuisine.

Tia Sophia’s
10 West San Fransisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 983-9880
Monday-Saturday: Breakfast 7 am—11am; Lunch: 11am—2pm
Sunday: Breakfast: 8am—1pm; Lunch: 11am—1pm

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