Top Blog Posts From 2019

I love looking at Top 10 lists from past years, but somehow I’ve never done a top blog posts post like this before. Better late than never, right?

Last year was an interesting year around these this little home on the web. I stepped back from sponsored posts; I didn’t want to commit to something and not be able to follow through due to our move, or the deployment, or solo parenting.

Despite not writing as much as I have in years past, I’m proud of the content I published. Quality over quantity was my focus, and one practice I’m continuing on this year.

I also love that there’s a whole smattering of different topics in this list. I’ve never been able to squeeze myself into a specific niche before, so I like that there’s everything from travel and food, to military and mom life.

2019 Top Blog Posts on Jessica Lynn Writes

1 Secrets From a Military Spouse: How we do it

2. Pre-Deployment Anxiety

3. Costco Favorites You Need in Your Life

4. Decluttering: How to Get Rid of ALL Your Stuff

5. Coolest Date Ever: a Gondola Ride in San Diego

6. The HoJo Anaheim: AKA the Coolest Family-Friendly Hotel Near Disneyland

7. Brunch Pizza the Whole Family Will Love

8. Some Days are Very, Very Long

9. Easy Heart Brownies

10. It’s Okay to be a “Good Enough” Mom

Top Blog Posts of ALL TIME

As I was checking out my Google Analytics for this Top Blog Post list, I took a peek at my top blog posts of all time*. Here are the top five, in case you wanna take a look.

*Really since 2013, because I didn’t have the tracker set up before then.

  1. What to do When you Find Out Your Pregnant
  2. A San Diego Bucket List
  3. Postpartum Pooping (and other things nobody talks about)
  4. PCS Tips: Preparing for Your Military Move
  5. What to take to the Balloon Fiesta

What’s Your Favorite Post?

Did you miss any of these? Or do you remember reading any? I’d love to hear which ones were your favorites. And if there are any you really love, feel free to share them!

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