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Our Family of 5 is moving to Germany!

Oh my great goodness, I’m so excited I need to shout it again: WE’RE MOVING TO GERMANY!!

Woohoo! It feels so good to get that out in the open.

A military family of five announces that they're moving to Germany in the summer. Feel free to ask any questions about what that move entails!

And seriously, all the exclamation marks, because we’re so pumped (and freaking out, and nervous, and sad, and scared, and ready, and eager, and, and, and, all the adjectives you can think of) for this new adventure.

Moving to Germany: Here’s the Deal

So the military is moving us to Germany (specifically, a NATO air base called Geilenkirchen) this summer.

And in case you’re wondering, my husband will actually be here to move with us this time (hallelujah). But, since this is a military move (otherwise known as a Permanent Change of Station, or PCS), and he’s still deployed, I’ll do most of the leg work to help get the orders.

How we “Got” Germany

For now, though, we’re just excited it’s official since it’s been a long time coming. We’ve actually “known” Germany was on the horizon for almost two years now. Yup, two years.

My husband volunteered for the deployment he’s currently on, and because of that he got to pick his follow-on assignment. (I know not all branches have that option, but with the Air Force, at the time he got his deployment orders, that was the deal).

We weighed alllllll of the pros and cons (two years ago), and decided a PCS back overseas would be the best option for our family. So getting that official assignment notification was extremely good news.

(Even though we “knew” that’s where we were going, the military always has the final say, so they very well could’ve changed their minds.)

Moving to Germany = LOTS of Work!

So, that’s where we’re at now.

This isn’t our first OCONUS (outside the continental United States) move, but it is the first for us with three kids in tow, so there are lots of extra appointments to make, dozens of things to do, stuff to sell, cars to move, schools to figure out, visas to obtain, and the list goes on and on.

We have to dot all of the I’s, cross every single T, and click dozens of boxes before we get our official, official orders, but things are rolling right along, and I’ll be sure to document and share this adventure as thoroughly as I can.

Send me YOUR Questions

On that note, what questions do you have about moving, moving with the military, moving with kids, life out there, getting from here to there, what goes into actually getting orders? I’d love to answer them in upcoming posts for you (and it’ll help me research things, too, so win/win)!

While you’re leaving your questions, I’ll just be over here, attempting to learn some German.



  1. We will be moving to this same base come January! I will take any and all advice you have for me!

  2. Moving this fall there…
    Do you recommend only bringing 1 car and getting another there or will we only need 1 car?
    Any tips on where to live where people speak English but still immerse in the culture?
    Where is the best temp housing while you are there house hunting?

    1. Hi! So housing will depend on where you’re moving to—there are more than a dozen US bases in Germany and they all have different rules! I do recommend two cars for sure, even if you don’t have kids. You never know what your spouse’s schedule will be like and unless you’re in a very large city; I’d hate to rely on public transportation.

  3. What are the schools like in Geilenkirchen area? May be moving there, waiting on verification. We have two grade school age children. Is the transition good for kids? Is a long bus ride to the school? Good school? Is the housing nice in the area? Also I’ve heard it is tough for a spouse to find work at this base? Any thoughts? So many Q’s, ha!

    1. Hi! sorry for the delay. Our kids go to a DODEA international school, so it’s still American curriculum. You’ll have the option to live on the Dutch or German side if you’re stationed at GK—depending on where you live it could be a 15 minute ride to school or up to 45 minutes. It definitely can be touch for spouses to find a job…there are options, but it’s limited. Feel free to email me (jessicalynnwrites@gmail.com) and I can get into more details there!

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