Fun Etsy Finds You Need in Your Life

How many of you are window shopping or clicking that “add to cart” button now that we all have a little more time on our hands at home? I’ve got some fun Etsy things to add to your list.

I’m not going to lie: I’ve seen a few more boxes show up at my front door lately…and I’m not even upset about it. BUT we’re still slated to move in two months, so I’m trying really hard to be slightly practical about my purchases.

Jonesing for some happy mail now that you can't go out to shop? Check out these fun Etsy finds to bring some joy to your day.

#StandwithSmall Fun Etsy Finds

(This post is in collaboration with Etsy, and contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a commission…it does not affect your purchase price at all) 

Small businesses are getting hit hard, and I’ve been trying to shop local and shop small as often as I can during this crises.

Here are a few things on my wish list (some may or may not be heading my way soon).

Step Back

Doormat from Shop by the Palms, $42.50

Let’s start with the obvious one here; I mean, how great is this? We have no idea how long this social distancing thing will last, so we might as well make sure nobody’s coming in that isn’t supposed to.

A Little Bit of Hope

Today I am Hopeful Pin from Clara and Macy, $11

I mean, gosh darn it. How great is this pin? I think we all need a little hope in our lives right about now.

Because, Shelter in Place

Mini Crocheted Cacti from Kreations on Etsy, $22

Since we’re all supposed to be staying at home, and not running out to Home Depot, how about some adorable mini cacti that will never, ever, ever die? This makes my black thumb happy.

Wall Flowers

Floating Shelf Necklace Holder from Timber Grove Studios, $77

We have nowhere to go, so I’m sure that’s making you think twice about your jewelry collection. If you’re not able to wear them right now, at the very least make sure they’re looking pretty up on the wall with this awesome shelf.

Pretty Little Things

Clay Earrings from The Abundant Life Co., $26

Speaking of dressing up with nowhere to go, these little clay gems are perfect for lounging around the house, going on a walk around the neighborhood (6-feet apart, of course), and picking up essential groceries.

This. Is. Us.

This is Us Sign from Picture Perfect Studio, starting at $79

By this point, you’ve been spending A LOT of time with your family. Declare your love for everyone with some new personalized decor.

Everything is FINE

Under Control Bag from Alphabet Bags, $20

Yeah….about that. If you’re actually feeling like your life is rolling around like a dumpster fire, you might need this bag. Stick all those things you keep losing in your purse (keys, chapstick, sunglasses, your mind…) in here, and BAM; one less thing to worry about.

Custom Creativity

Rainbow Personalized Crayon from Art 2 the Extreme, $19.95

Let’s get real here: crayons last about a day (at least in our house), because they always break or get lost (and then we find them all under the couch when we move out). THESE would totally stick around for at least a week. My kids would go crazy for them! Too bad they all just had birthdays…

Tell me about your favorite, fun Etsy shops!

I’d love to help/share more Etsy shops; feel free to share some of your favorite Etsy finds below.


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