New Mexico Scavenger Hunt Printable

This New Mexico Scavenger Hunt is just what we needed to break up our monotonous day.

We try to get out of the house at least twice a day, since sheltering at home, but there are only so many things to see while we’re out walking around our neighborhood.

This New Mexico scavenger hunt is fun for all ages! Look for traditional Land of Enchantment icons and fun, classic NM sights around your neighborhood.

I’ve printed several different scavenger hunts for us, and every time there are obvious things we’d (almost) never see here. Squirrels and frogs, for example.

But as we walked around, I noticed the kids were getting super excited about very “New Mexico” things…like tumbleweeds, an NMSU bumper sticker (sorry, Lobos; go Aggies!), some of the different plants and vegetation growing, and of course, the occasional road runner.

So we made a list of our favorite things, and then I made this scavenger hunt for us.

Print Your New Mexico Scavenger Hunt Here

to print: Download/save image above; print!

I’ve been explaining to the kids that we don’t have to literally find an actual hot air balloon or a roadrunner.

For example, there’s a gate near our house that has a metal roadrunner on it. And we’ve seen a balloon wind chime on someone’s porch.

It’s about looking for things in unexpected places and keeping your eyes peeled while out and about.

Making this was the best decision ever, because not only are the kids seeking out stuff around them, but they’ve even started marking down how many times they see something in one outing. (Julia counted 10 tumbleweeds in one loop around the ‘hood.)

Happy (New Mexico Scavenger) Hunting!

If you print out this hunt, and fill it out, tag me in your pictures on Instagram or on Facebook! I’d love to know if you enjoyed it!

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