5 Helpful Things To Have For Your Next Flight

Flying during a pandemic isn’t as scary as it sounds.

The airports and airplanes are cleaner than ever, and with less people flying, now is the time to get back in the air. BUT, make sure you’re prepared to travel during a pandemic.

Flying during a pandemic isn't scary. Here are five handy things to take with you to help keep you safe.

5 Things You Need When Flying During a Pandemic

Obviously, things like several masks, hand sanitizer, and travel disinfectant wipes are a must, but these are extra great things to keep on hand.

Keychain Hand Sanitizer Holder.
The last thing you want to do is dig around in your bag for hand sanitizer. Because when you need it, you need it now. I love that you can put your own sanitizer inside, that you can hook ’em onto a zipper, and they’re pretty fun, too.

Clear Bags for Masks.
Regardless of your opinion on them, I don’t think masks are going away anytime soon. When you’re traveling you don’t just want to stuff your masks “somewhere” in your bag. Keep a specific clear bag or two with you (in your bag), that way you can see which mask you’re grabbing, and you know which bag has your used masks inside.

Great Carry-on Bag.
I love, love, love this bag. It’s big enough to cram tons of stuff inside and there are tons of pockets for organization. I put my large water bottle in one side pocket and used the other side pocket to store my disinfectant wipe pouches. This backpack is marketed as a “diaper bag,” but just ignore that; it’s my favorite backpack for traveling, and it’s perfect for keeping your hands and arms free while walking around an airport.

Travel Document Holder.
Having a specific spot for all of our travel documents is key, and this one fits the bill(s).

Oil Up, Buttercup.
If you’re one who loves the benefits of using oils, don’t forget to pack your rollers with you. Put them in a convenient and compact case and have them at the ready should you need to use them. https://amzn.to/2NHNDI8

Have you flown lately? What else would you add to this list?


  1. This is great! I actually found that backpack/Diaper bag marketed as an actual backpack.

    Any other items suggestions to purchase for an OCONUS Move?

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