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Lunch at a Dairy Farm in the Netherlands

No, really. We ate lunch right next to some cows at the neatest little kid-friendly restaurant in the Netherlands. (And don’t worry…it wasn’t too stinky!)

Dine with some cows at this fun, kid-friendly restaurant in the Netherlands. Good food, a playground, and you learn a thing or two about cows.

When we travel with our kids (which is basically 99.9% of the time), we try to take them into account for our daily plans.

I like finding things to keep them occupied and having fun, that way we hear less whining, and it’s enjoyable for everyone.

So when I found de Brabantse Kluis, a fun family-friendly farmhouse that also had a restaurant, I pretty much jumped for joy.

I planned our time accordingly at the Vlindersafari so that we’d be jonesing for some lunch after the butterflies.

My plan worked out perfectly—we were ready to eat, and thankfully de Brabantse Kluis was only seven minutes away.

Lunch with Some Cows

This kid-friendly restaurant in the Netherlands (located next door to a monastery) was literally converted into a farmhouse, and now has an inn and a sprawling restaurant complete with a great terrace.

And it’s completely and utterly charming.

Speaking of utters. (I know…I know…)

It’s a working dairy farm and there are cows everywhere! Not only that, but they allow you to walk around and learn about the cows while you wait for your meal.

We all got a kick out of checking them out, especially their newest additions: baby calfs!

There were a couple dozen new cows (ranging from two days old to several weeks) that we got to see.

The coolest part is that the little calves were right next to a playground.

I LOVE that they have play areas for kids at restaurants in Europe.

The Food

Our lunch was good, but honestly, we paid more attention to our surroundings and the cold lemon-infused water and beer than our lunch.

I did love that offer a kids’ “piglet” menu for smaller appetites. Two out of our three got brats, and our oldest sprang for the peanut butter toast.

So Many Activities!

You could easily make this a fun overnight stay, because check out all of these activities they offer, especially the last one for kids:

  • Covered Wagon Rides
  • Escape “rooms”
  • Painting classes
  • Bracelet making
  • Archery
  • Piglet Walk for kids

We were only there for a pit stop—just enough for the kids to get their wiggles out, and to eat, and then we were back on our way, but I would absolutely go back and even stay there in a heartbeat if the opportunity came up.


Herberg de Brabantse Kluis
Kloosterdreef 8, 5735 SJ Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
Reserve a table here
Hours: 11.30am—8:30pm

Driving from…
Eindhoven: 25 minutes
Amsterdam: 1.5 hours
Brunssum: 1 hour; 15 minutes
Geilenkirchen: 1.5 hours

If you end up going to this kid-friendly restaurant in the Netherlands, let me know; I’d love to hear what it’s like during different seasons!

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