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The Coolest Pumpkin Patch in Germany

Finding a Pumpkin patch in Germany is almost like finding a needle in a haystack.

Looking for a cute pumpkin patch in Germany? Check out the huge pumpkin pyramid and tons of fun at Gertrudenhof near Cologne!

You have to know someone who’s been to one, go to the largest one (which is too far away from us right now), or you have to keep a keen eye while driving around.

Seriously, the few we’ve seen are nestled in someone’s “patio” within their home.

So when I heard about Gertrudenhof just an hour away from us, we made plans and bought tickets ASAP for the next day.

Technically it’s not a true pumpkin patch where you go out and actually pick your pumpkin, but that’s besides the point, because this place was awesome.

What to do at This German Pumpkin Patch

Long story short, you get so much bang for your buck when you visit. The entire place was only €5,50 for adults and €3,50 for kids; under three is free.

And get this…during the week it’s even cheaper: €2,50 for adults and €1,25 for kids; under three is free.

We went early on a Sunday morning, and it felt like we had the place to ourselves until about 11:30 when all of Germany appeared.

You get access to basically everything: “XXL” pumpkin market (that’s where the pumpkin pyramid is), the adventure area with tons of bouncy castles and trampolines for the kids, the petting zoo, the adventure playground with tons of things for the kids to play on, and the pumpkin cafe.

See? SO much to do here!

The Pumpkins and the Pumpkin Pyramid

There are SO many pumpkins and gourds at Gertrudenhof that it’s truly a kürbisparadies (a pumpkin paradise).

The 13-layer pumpkin pyramid is the star of the show, for obvious reason, and it’s big enough that you probably won’t have to compete with people for a pumpkin selfie.

I’m also SUPER thankful for the wood layers in between, otherwise my kids would’ve made them all tumble down…multiple times.

But besides the giant pumpkin tower, there are hundreds of pumpkins and gourds in all shapes, sizes, and colors piled everywhere.

Yes, I said colors. Check some out:

I’ve only known about the classic orange pumpkin, but there are so many other natural varieties; it was simply gourdgeous just walking around looking at them.

Oh! And they’re all for sale!

SUPER Fun for Kids

Our kids (3, 5, and 7) easily would’ve stayed all day long, and we practically had to drag them out. We only left because it was getting really busy (and crowds + covid + kids don’t mix).

Besides taking selfies in at the pumpkin pyramid, the kids played their little hearts out. There are two “play” areas. One is like a traditional park with little playgrounds spread out.

The girls were partial to the cool tire swings and climbing on anything they could.

Then there’s a whole other section with inflatable bounce houses and trampolines.

Even though it was messy (it’s sand all around, and it had rained the night before), all three had a blast.

While the kids played, I wandered around the pumpkin market area. Everyone was happy!

There’s even a petting zoo at this place. I mean, come on now!

For €1 you can get some food to feed the horses and sheep; you’ll see them when you come in the entrance.

What to Eat

Come hungry, because this place will deliver! First stop is the Pumpkin Cafe directly next to the pyramid.

Get a good ol’ basic PSL and a delicious Nutella crepe or a bowl of pumpkin soup. They have pumpkin sprizers and flammkuchen, too.

We also had lunch next to the playgrounds, and here me out about this: the fries were truly some of the best fries I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Yeah, I said it.

We got simple brats, and as a bonus: they cut the brats up for the kids right then and there with a little machine; it was pretty neat.

Buy ALL The Pumpkin Things

Oh my gosh, y’all. I wanted to spend all my money at this place.

However, in true European fashion, even though we got there when they opened (on a Sunday), we couldn’t buy anything until 1pm.

Unfortunately, since we had already spent several hours playing and walking around, and because it was filling up very quickly, we decided to head home instead of waiting for 1pm to roll around.

My wallet is happy, but my fall decorating soul is still a little sad. I may have to plan another trip to go buy all the things.

Basic Info

Here’s what you need to know about visiting Gertrudenhof and this fun pumpkin patch in Germany as soon as possible.

Lortzingstrasse 160
50354 Hürth – Hermülheim

Check website for hours  

Get your tickets here

Make sure to check out their website, because it looks like they do things all year long. This may just be our new go-to spot!

How to Get There…

Travling from:
Köln (Cologne): 30 minutes
Geilenkirchen: 1 hour
Brunssum: 1 hour
Spangdalhem: 1.5 hours

If you visit this fun pumpkin patch in Germany, let me know what you think. And if you’ve been to any others in the country, please tell me about them so we can check it out, too!

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  1. Wow! What a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing pictures. I can see that Julia has inherited her dad’s long legs! And how fast they are all growing. Loved the whole bit – be sure you keep me on your mailing list.Grand. Love to all!
    Grandma Scharf

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