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DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Headband

Several years go my daughter started a tradition with having everyone at our Thanksgiving dinner wear a turkey headband.

Print and color this cute turkey headband template for a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft! You proably have everything you need at home!

I’m not going to lie: they’re pretty adorable, especially when you can get everyone in on wearing them.

Here are some pictures of years’ past where my daughter freehand made all of the turkey headbands for everyone.

Last year we made several dozen and the simple joy I saw on everyone’s face was priceless. Of course, we forgot to take a picture until the majority of everyone left. Oops.

This year I decided everyone needs some turkey headband fun this time of year, so my daughter and I made a fun template for you.

Make Your Own DIY Turkey Headband

Because I don’t want you to have to freehand it, I have a template so you can print and simply cut out your own turkey headband.

Your child can do this entire craft, too, so long as you’re comfortable with him/her using scissors.

The best part about making a DIY turkey headband is that it doesn’t have to look perfect…have you ever seen a turkey out there? Me either.

What You Need

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Roll of brown paper or extra brown construction paper (for the headband part)
  • Googly eyes
  • Construction Paper: red, orange, yellow, green (optional)
  • Crayons/markers (optional)


You obviously need a template to make your life easier, so here’s are two you can use. (Right click to save, then print)

Then, follow the directions below to make your headbands.

Three Ways to Make your Headband

There are three ways you can use this template. One is super easy and you can be done in about five minutes. The second one lets your kids get creative with coloring (my daughter made a purple and pink beak and added some blue feathers), and the third is a way to make multiple headbands.

Super Easy

If you’re making just a couple or a few headbands: print, cut, and attach
Print out the colored template
Cut everything out. (double the headband size)
Attach to headband (brown paper) with tape and/or glue stick

Get Artistic

If you’re making just a couple or a few headbands: print, color, cut, and attach
Print out the blank template
Color the feathers, beak, gobbler, and face.
Cut everything out.
Attach to headband (brown paper) with tape and/or glue stick

For a Crowd

If you’re making a lot of headbands: Print, Cut, Trace, and Cut
Print out either template (colored or the blank one)
Cut out each peace (or just one feather)
Trace each piece on desired colored construction paper multiple times.
Cut everything out.
Attach to headbands (brown paper) with tape and/or glue stick

Tag me in Your Turkey Headband Posts

If you make a turkey headband this season, tag me on instagram (@jesstagirl) so I can see (and by “me” I mean my daughter would love to see, too!)



  1. cool tutorial! i, too, am a “jessica lynn” – our parents must have been on to something!

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