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The Time We Tried All The German Christmas Treats

Starting in November the local stores start bringing out all of their German Christmas treats.

Rows and rows of packaged cookies, chocolates, and other sweet snacks filled the first few aisles, and I’d walk by and gawk at everything.

A military family stationed in Germany is trying German Christmas treats for the first time. See what they think and share your favorites!

They all looked so festive, new, and different that I started bringing some of the delicious-looking German Christmas treats home with me on every shopping trip.

I couldn’t help myself!

It turns out that they accumulated into a decent little bunch, and we were eager to try them.

What better way to try them than all of us (minus the little one who was napping), at the same time while on camera? That way you can see our full reaction to how things taste.

Trying German Christmas Treats for the First Time

A few things to note before you watch the video:

  • Our German is atrocious. Es tut mir leid!
  • There were some definite “hard no’s” from me/us. Please don’t be offended if we didn’t like your favorite thing in the world. Feel free to share a different brand or place we should try it from next time.
  • Obviously we didn’t get everything the stores had to offer; if there’s something we’ve gotta try next year, please tell me about it in the comments!
  • Christmas markets are not open. I know they have their own delicious treats there; these are simply pre-packaged things from the grocery store that caught my eye!

Watch us Try German Christmas Treats!

YouTube video

With Christmas markets closed this year, and travel highly discouraged, we were sad that we couldn’t send fun gifts home for Christmas.

On the flip side, all of these German Christmas treats at the grocery stores were the perfect things to package up and send to our family and friends back home. We had fun trying these, and figured they might, too! (Sorry for the spoiler alert if you get a box from us in the next week or two!!)

Tell us About Your Favorite German Christmas Treats

We would love, love, love to hear about your favorite holiday treats in Germany. Please tell us about them below so we can be on the lookout next year!


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