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Visiting Rapunzel’s Tower in Germany

Friends, we actually found Rapunzel’s actual tower in Germany…and it was just as exciting as it sounds.

Visit the charming, fairytale-like town of Wernigerode and see Rapunzel's Tower in Germany. You can even climb it!

Our trip to Wernigerode was pretty spur of the moment, and I didn’t have time to fully figure out our plans before I booked our AirBnb, so I researched after we decided to go, which is totally unlike me.

Thankfully, Wernigerode was a jackpot for visiting with kids.

When we checked in, our AirBnb hosts told us about a “Fairytale Trail” you can go on that would lead you to Rapunzel’s Tower. I practically spat out my water when she said that, and asked her to repeat herself.

Low and behold, she was right and it was just as she said: there’s an actual Fairytale Trail (Wernigeröeder Maerchenweg) that leads you to Rapunzel’s Tower in Germany.

I could still hardly believe my ears, especially since we let the fib roll out that the Wernigerode Castle was actually Rapunzel’s castle (after she flees the tower, of course).

It was like my lie was coming around full circle…but in the best way possible.

Researching the actual Fairytale Hike turned out to be a little more tedious since there really isn’t much info on it. It didn’t come up in my search for things to do in Wernigerode, so hopefully this helps.

The Fairytale Trail

To be completely transparent: we didn’t actually hike the Fairytale Trail.

I know, I know; I wish we did, but…

We are 99% sure you begin and get info at the Hasseröeder Ferienpark, but when we drove by it was packed with people (like, easily the most we’ve seen gathered in one place since before March), so we decided not to venture in.

Call us silly, but we really tried to keep to ourselves as much as possible since cases were on the rise everywhere.

Everything I discovered online told me that this hike was 2.5 km out and back, and we didn’t have time for a two+ hour journey. We all know it be practically doubled in time with kids, especially since we didn’t bring a stroller with us).

Sooooooo we kinda skipped ahead and went straight to the tower.

Info on the Fairytale Trail

But if you want to do the Wernigeröeder Maerchenweg, here’s what we know: Start at Hasseroeder Ferienpark and get your map. (I think you get a map at least.)

As you walk along the trail you’ll find different fairytale scenes that will share a bit of the corresponding story. Each spot will also have questions about the story. (So make sure you have handy translator app with you since it’s all in German.)

Write down the answers to each question, and when you reach the end (just before Rapunzel’s Tower) you can turn in your answers to Waldgasthaus Armeleuteberg to get a prize.

*Keep in mind Covid restrictions, and check their website; at the time of this publishing, Waldgasthaus Armeleuteberg is closed until further notice.

Skip the Trail; See the Tower

Since we skipped the trail, but still wanted to see the Rapunzel’s Tower in Germany, I did some digging and found out how to make that happen.

You can drive and park at Waldgasthaus Armeleuteberg (Armeleuteberg 1, 38855 Wernigerode) and then walk up a small hill—about a 1/4 of a mile—to see the tower.

Fun fact: we didn’t tell our girls what we were doing there, and we let them discover the tower all on their own.

The “hair” coming down from the tower was a nice touch.

The kids and my husband climbed the tower and informed me that Rapunzel was not there, and that she probably cut her hair after she got down…obviously.

Have you seen Rapunzel’s Tower in Germany?

Have you seen her tower? Was it just as magical for you? I believe there’s another Rapunzel’s Tower in Germany in a town called Trendelburg. We haven’t been to that one yet, so this one will always be a fun spot for us.


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  1. I’m so glad you are seeing as much as you can over there ’cause once you leave, it may be a looong time before you get back there. Thanks for keeping me on your mail-list. Love ❤️ you guys very much!

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