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#DutyStationSpotlight: RAF Molesworth in Huntingdon, UK

Are you being stationed at RAF Molesworth soon? This guide from a military spouse has everything you wanted to know, but didn’t know where to ask!

If your family just got word that you’re heading to RAF Molesworth in Huntingdon, United Kingdom, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you being stationed at Molesworth RAF soon? This guide from a military spouse has everything you wanted to know, but didn't know where to ask!

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill guide. You won’t discover what schools are the best, where you should live, or the best doctor; instead, you’ll find things you want to know about like favorite day trips, radio stations, and all the yummy places to eat.

First Things First: The Basics

Spearheading this Duty Station Spotlight is Amanda, a Navy spouse, veteran, and full-time working mom to four-year-old twins. She has a heart for traveling and her family. Find her on Instagram!

What were your first impressions of the area?

Honestly, I was super excited to getting stationed abroad. My dad has an affinity for England and I’ve had the opportunity to visit growing up.

In getting there, it was Dec 2017- the middle of that bizarre snow storm that hadn’t occurred in over 40 years. It was like a ghost town. We were still excited to finally arrive in England. Sunrise came around 8.30 and the sun was down by 3.30pm so it was definitely an adjustment.

The culture is quite different—different way of driving, talking, going about life.

How did you feel at the the end of the tour? Did your impressions change?

In hindsight, I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

The end of our tour was the beginning of COVID; England had just gone into lockdown, so our move was put on hold. We were staying in temporary housing, because all of our house hold goods had been packed. We ended up having to get a 4-star admiral send a memo to approve our flight.

It was bizarre but thankfully we made it back. We’ve made lifelong British friends, and the kids even went to school there. It’s a bittersweet feeling as always.

What is ONE THING you wish you had known before moving to RAF Molesworth?

I wish we knew which villages has what. I think we were so rushed to get everything settled that we didn’t take the time we needed to get everything in place.

No one told us this, and if it’s one thing I tell the next person, it’s: do your research and don’t settle. Everything will happen when it’s meant to.

Good (Local) Eats

If someone came to visit you, and you had to take them out to eat, what would your TOP THREE favorite places be?

1. Pho Cambridge has to be our most visited throughout our time there!
2. Arepas Station in the Cambridge food market: the best arepas I’ve had abroad
3. Eagle Pub in Cambridge. Got to love our British style pub food.

Favorite place(s) for coffee and/or dessert?

Jack’s Gelato is so yummy, and the variety is the best.

Is there a farmer’s market scene in there? Tell us about it!

Cambridge Food Market or St. Ives Farmers Market were the best!

Best place for brunch? And your favorite thing to order, please!

Café Luna! While I love a typical American brunch, a classic British breakfast is yummy

How about a fun night out on the town for a date night?

12A Members Club is literally a hole in the wall, but the feel is so intimate and classy and they make the best cocktails.

Get Around (and out of) Town

Top five favorite things to do in/around Huntingdon:

1. Explore as many castles as you can: National trust memberships are so worth it.
2. Travel to Cornwall. Such beautiful views.
3. Wales and Scotland are a must. So much to do there
4. Butchers is a must. The best meat we’ve had.
5. Most farmers markets have such good variety that you are destined to find something to your hearts desire.

Picture this: You have a whole weekend to go somewhere within driving distance: Where are you going and what are you doing?

London! So much to do that we haven’t seen yet. So many museums, castles and attractions here.

What was your favorite park in town?

The one in our village! It had a sand pit and a water tube for summer!

Any museums worth checking out? Please share their exact names so I can reference them specifically!

The British Museum, and the Imperial War Museum were breathtaking, and of course the Tower of London.

All the Extras for around Huntingdon, UK

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Favorite radio station?

… I’m gonna have to say I played my phone almost the entire time

Info on your favorite hair salon/hair dresser, please and thank you.

HK Nails & Beauty was my favorite. I get crazy with my nails and they always brought my vision to life.

Like a Local

Were there any instagramers, bloggers, or specific non-military affiliated Facebook groups you followed?

Any groups for your village will typical be on Facebook, and they range from sitters to selling baby items. So useful!

Any festivals, fairs, or events worth checking out?

Guy Fawkes Bonfires happen every Nov 5. Most villages will have some sort of event on.

Christmas festivals are so lovely too. Most villages have their own festivals with rides and mulled wine of course.

Tell us about the weather.

It’s gloomy most of the time. But the summer days are long, and winter days are short. There’s lots of rain, too.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention for someone who is moving to Molesworth soon?

Be patient and kind. Have an open mind to this way of life and culture.

Are you being stationed at RAF Molesworth soon? This guide has everything you wanted to know, but didn't know where to ask!

Your Turn!

If you’ve been stationed at RAF Molesworth in Huntingdon, UK, please share your favorites in the comments!


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