The Ultimate European Bucket List

Here we go with our Ultimate European Bucket List!

the ultimate European bucket list of what to see, where to go, and things to do around Europe.This list is ever-evolving, so check back often

We’ll be living in Germany for three to four years (until 2024-ish), and our goal is to see and do as much as possible*.

*I realize posting this now seems almost ridiculous since we’re all stuck at home, but one day we will travel again. And when that happens, we’ll be ready.

This list is ever changing and evolving, and we’ll be adding to it and updating it as often as possible.

The possibilities are endless for amazing places to travel within Europe, and we’re also always on the lookout for awesome places to visit, cool things to see, and great eats, please feel free to comment share your favorites with us if you don’t see it on our list!

We also lived in Europe (Italy) back in 2011—2013, and travelled a lot then, so I’m still going through and updating this list with posts from back then.

Our European Bucket List

⬡ = have not accomplished
⬢ = accomplished (linked to blog post/instagram when applicable)
underlined = click the link for posts from that entire country
(HR = Hard Rock Cafe; I collect their shot glasses)


⬡ Hallstatt
⬡ Vienna (HR)
⬡ Lake Zell
⬡ Melk Abbey
⬡ Innsbruck
⬡ Krimml Waterfalls 
⬡ Feldkirch
⬡ Durnstein
⬡ Plansee
⬡ Wachau
⬡ Innsbruck (HR)
⬡ castle leopoldsberg (from Pretty.thrifty.girl on insta)
⬡ Underwater park (pinterest)
⬢ Go on the Sound of Music tour
⬡ Salt mine in Salzburg


⬡ Antwerp (HR)
⬡ Boom (De Schorre; hidden trolls)
⬡ Borgloon Doorkijkkerk
⬡ Bruges (stay in a castle)
⬡ Brussels (HR)
⬡ Dinant
⬡ Durbuy
Graefswinning (May/June)
⬡ Hautes Fagnes
⬡ Hallerbos (April for blue bonnets)
⬡ Kasteel van Horst
⬡ Kasteel Wissekerke
⬡ Nieuwpoort
⬡ Villers Abbey
⬡ Vorselaar (Borrekens Castle)
⬡ Walzin Castle


⬢ Plitvice Lakes National Park in the Lika region
⬡ Rovinj
⬡ Pula 
⬡ Dubrovnik 


Czech Republic

⬡ Prague (HR)
⬡ Český Krumlov


⬡ See the Little Mermaid statue
⬡ Copenhagen (HR)



⬡ Rovaniemi


⬡ Dijon
⬡ Épernay
⬡ Lavender fields
⬡ Normandy
⬡ Mont Saint-Michel
⬡ Bordeaux
⬡ Disneyland Paris
⬡ Lyon (HR)
⬡ Nice (HR
⬡ Andorra (HR)
⬡ Arles
⬡ Aix-en-Provence
⬡ Marsaile
⬡ Riquewihr – inspiration for Beauty and the Beast
⬡ Eguisheim
⬡ Kaysersberg
⬢ Colmar 
⬡ French Riviera
⬡ Champagne region
⬡ Versailles (been there in 2001)
⬡ Etretat, Upper Normandy (pinterest) 


Day Trips Near Geilenkirchen (click here to see this list on a Google map)
Schloss Paffendorf
Tri-border Point
⬡ Beilstein (2 hours)
Bonn (1 hour)
Brander-Wald (American tanks in Germany)
⬡ Bruggen
⬡ Burg Eltz (2 hours)
Schloss Satzvey (1 hour)
⬡ Burg Vischering (2 hours)
⬡ Cochem (2 hrs)
⬡ Cologne/Köln (HR; Chocolate factory)
⬡ Freudenberg (2 hrs)
⬡ Halde Haniel (1.5 hrs)
⬡ Irrland (Waterpark; 1 hr)
⬡ Kakushöhle Caves (1 hr)
⬡ Kaldenkirchen Sequoia Farm (1 hr)
⬡ Kaiserpfalz Kaiserswerth (1 hr)
⬡ Kamp-Lintfort (1 hr)
⬡ Kugelbahn (2 hrs)
⬡ Maria Laach Abbey (1.5 hrs)
⬡ Schloss Bürresheim (1.5 hrs)
⬡ Schloss Drachenburg (1.5 hrs)
⬡ Schloss Dyck (30 min)
⬡ Schloss Nordkirchen (2 hrs)
⬡ Schloss Rheydt (40 minutes)
⬡ Schloss Merode (technically saw it, but the gates were closed; 45 min)
Schloss Tüschenbroich
⬡ Solingen (1 hour)
⬡ Wuppertal (1 hr)
⬡ Vogelsang Historic site (1 hr)

Outside of the Geilenkirchen Area:
⬡ Baden Baden
⬡ Bacharach
⬡ Bavaria
⬡ Berlin (HR)
⬡ Bernkastel-Kues
⬡ Black Forrest
⬡ Blautopf
Burg Rheinstein
Burg Runkel
⬡ Cochem
⬡ Eagle’s Nest in Kehlsteinhaus
⬡ Edelweiss (garmisch; been there before, but not with the kids)
⬡ Eibsee
⬡ Externesteine
⬡ Geierlay Suspension Bridge
⬡ Gosler
⬡ Hainich National Park
Harz region
⬡ Herrenberg
⬡ Idstein
⬡ Lemgo
⬡ Linderhof Palace
⬡ Lübeck
⬡ Kettlerhof
⬡ Kloster Allerheiligen
⬡ Marburg
⬢ Munich
Neuschwanstein Castle
⬡ Nurenberg (stay at Burg Colmberg)
⬡ Ordensburg Vogelsang
⬡ Porta Nigra
⬡ Ramstein
⬡ Schwerin Castle (near Hamburg)
⬡ Schloss Altena
⬡ Schloss Braunfels
⬡ Schloss Moyland
⬡ Schloss Hamelschenburg
Schloss Marienburg (near Hanover)
⬡ Schloss Schwerin
⬡ Schrecksee
⬢ Spang
⬡ Stuttgart
⬡ Teufelsmauer
⬡ Teutoburg Forest
⬡ Titisee
⬡ Lubeck
⬡ Ludwigsburg – pumpkin festival
⬡ Munster
⬡ Hanover
⬡ Hamburg (HR)
⬡ Heidelberg
⬡ Rothenburg ob der Taube
⬡ Straubing
⬡ Tübingen
⬡ Trier


⬡ Athens (HR)
⬡ Athens
⬡ Delphi 
⬡ Nafplio


⬡ Budapest (HR)


⬡ Reykjavik (HR)


⬡ Dublin (HR)
⬡ Galway


⬢ Lake Como
⬡ Go on a gondola ride in Venice (despite the cost)
⬢ Capri (blue grotto)
⬢ Puglia 
Cinque Terra
⬡ Sicily
⬡ Go on a food tour 
⬢ Take a cooking class
⬡ Eat bolognese sauce in Bologna
⬢ See The Last Supper in Milan
Amalfi coast
⬢ Buy Parmesan in Parma
⬢ Drink chianti in Tuscany
⬢ Murano (Venice)
⬢ Burano (Venice)
⬡ Check out The Olive Garden Institute
⬡ Elba
⬢ Rome 






⬡ Amsterdam
⬡ Beekse bergen
⬡ Broek in Waterland
⬡ Delft
⬡ Efteling
⬡ Giethoorn
⬡ Hague
⬡ Haarlem
⬡ Kasteel Arcen
⬡ Kasteel de Haar
⬡ Kasteel Elsloo
⬡ Lisse (tulip fields)
⬡ Ouddorp (beach)
⬡ Marken
⬡ Rotterdam
⬡ Slot Schaesberg-Laan 
⬡ Thorn
⬡ Utrecht
⬡ Valkenburg
⬡ Volendam
⬡ Zaanse Schans


⬡ See my old roommate Lise!
⬡ Oslo (HR)
⬡ Tromsø


⬡ Warsaw
⬡ Krakow
⬡ Gdansk
⬡ Wroclaw


⬡ Lisbon (HR)
⬡ Porto (HR)
⬡ Azores
⬡ Alentejo region

San Marino


⬡ Bratislava (UFO tower)



⬡ Madrid (HR)
⬡ rock of gibraltar
⬡ Seville (HR)
⬡ Burgundy Street in Madrid  (pinterest)
⬡ Visit the “Torres” winery 
⬡ Go back to Barcelona 
⬡ See the running of the bulls


⬡ Stockholm (HR)
⬡ Gothenburg (HR)
⬡ Kiruna


⬡ Chamonix
⬡ Gruyere
⬡ Lauterbrunnen
⬡ The Matterhorn
⬢ Have hot chocolate 
⬢ Enjoy fondue (may, 2013)
⬡ Go back to Chamonix


⬡ Cappadocia – hot air balloons
⬡ Antayla (The Stone Mirror) (pinterest)
⬡ Natural rock pools (pinterest)
⬢ Ephesus

United Kingdom (UK)

⬢ See a show in London with the husband 
⬢ Go back to Bournemouth (where I spent a year abroad)
⬢ See my friends!!
⬢ British and Natural History Museum
⬡ Visit our last name’s castle in Scotland
Londonderry (northern ireland)
⬡ Edinburgh
⬡ Giant’s Causeway
White Cliff’s of Dover

What’s on your European Bucket List?

the ultimate European bucket list of what to see, where to go, and things to do around Europe.This list is ever-evolving, so check back often

What do we need to add to this list? Share what’s on yours or share where you’ve been that we’ve gotta see!


  1. I’m so jealous! Dan and I were supposed to take a big European vacation last year… Well, we all know how 2020 went.

    I’ve done most of your French list, but not quite everything. I love Versailles, which is where I studied abroad. I’ve toured the chateau multiple times, and the gardens more times than I can count. (I’m not sure if it’s still true, but in 2007, they were free to tour outside of special events, so my friends and I went all the time).

    I would add Bergen to your Norway trip if you have time. The train ride between Oslo and Bergen is pretty spectacular.

    1. I can’t wait to go back to Versailles; it’s been FOREVER (back in college) since I was there on a trip, and I fell in love. I think my girls will love it, and before we visit I want to study a little bit more about it. I’ll totally add Bergen to my list! thank you!! I hope you guys get to reschedule your trip for the near future.

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