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A Good Gouda Day Trip with Kids

The town of Gouda may be known for its delicious cheese, but it has a lot more going for it, which makes this adorable city the perfect spot for a day trip. If you’re looking for things to do in Gouda, this post will tell you everything you need to know.

Here's everything you need to know about when you go on a Gouda day trip. Get ready for cheese, some sweets, and a lot of charm.

There’s seriously some adorable charm around every corner and delicious sweet and savory scents wafting through the air when you arrive in Gouda.

We loved taking out kids with us on this day trip to Gouda, and then I returned several years later with some friends.

There are plenty of things to do in Gouda for everyone of all ages to enjoy, and like most places we visit, we easily could’ve stayed more than a day, but if you only have one day, you’re still in luck.

Things to do in Gouda:

The town of Gouda, is cute, and walkable. It’s surrounded by canals, has a picturesque city center, and oozes fun. While walking around is certainly one thing to do in Gouda, there are plenty of other (tasty) things to experience.

Here’s a quick look at things to do in Gouda:

The Gouda Cheese Experience

Say, “cheese,” at the The Gouda Cheese Experience. This fun cheese stop is like an interactive tour to discover what makes Gouda cheese so darn….good-ah. (Sorry, that was a little cheesy, wasn’t it?!)

Seriously though, my kids loved this tour and I enjoyed going through it a second time. And the best part is the cheese you get to taste at the end!

Plan for around an hour and a half for the experience, plus some time to get your cheese at their shop, and maybe a cold beer to wash it all down.

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Syrup Waffle Factory Tour

Now that you’ve had something savory, it’s time to head over to the Syrup Waffle Factory for a little something sweet.

Get your sweet tooth ready for this tour! You’ll get a fun mouthful on how these syrup waffles originated, plus tasty bites of the actual cookie itself.

Tasty tip: don’t forget to pick up more syrup waffles than you think you’ll need. They make excellent gifts. (Also, the syrup waffle liquor is to die for in coffee…)

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Sint Janskerk

Sint Janskerk, a stunning Gothic cathedral, was built during the 15th and 16th centuries and is the longest church in the Netherlands.

Another cool fact is that it’s dedicated to John the Baptist, who just so happens to be the patron saint of Gouda!

But the really cool part about this church is the stained glass.

The glass, all 72 large windows, was created and installed in the 16th century and survived wars and reformations.

It depicts scenes from St. John the Baptist’s life, other famous biblical scenes (I loved the Last Supper scene), and important events in Dutch history.

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The Gouda Cheese Market

Typically, every Thursday between April and August you can enjoy a cheese market in the Markt Square. If you’re looking for a quintessential “Dutch” thing to do in Gouda, this is it. It was such a fun experience!

The Dino Experience Park

This place is on our list for next time! The park is just on the outskirts of Gouda, and once inside you’ll come face-to-face with more than 70 dinosaurs!

See more info here.

Largest LEGO Store in the Netherlands

Need a shopping break? Hit up the largest LEGO store in the Netherlands right here in Gouda!

See more info here.

A Canal Tour

I mentioned above that Gouda is surrounded by canals. What better way to see the city than on a canal tour?!

See more info here.

Where to Eat in Gouda

I looked online before we left for good places to eat in Gouda, and thankfully I didn’t see any horrible reviews; everything looked great.

If you don’t pick a place before visiting, no worries.

There are seriously tons of places in the market, and they all had outdoor dining—our particular choice when traveling with kids since they can be louder outside.

We hunkered down for lunch at Lunchcafe Juuls, and not only was the view fabulous, but I loved that their website says they employee those who have a disability.

The food was great—we got open-faced sandwiches and enjoyed every bite, especially after washing it down with a crisp, cold bee.

Need a pick-me-up? Grab a drink from Prego!.

I could’ve gone for something classic, but I went for a Stroopwaffel Frapp…because, when in Gouda, right?!

The girls both downed some homemade lemonade, and we made some friendly small talk with the employees. They were super friendly, and I wished we could’ve hung out there longer.

Before we left Gouda we also grabbed some meats, cheeses, bread, olives, fruit, and other charcuterie essentials to make dinner at home.

There’s a Coop right next to where we parked (see below), so I grabbed dinner while my husband paid and loaded the kids up in the car.

However, if we were staying a smidgen closer or in Gouda, we would’ve had a picnic along a canal. Everywhere we looked was simply gorgeous.

How to get to Gouda

Getting to Gouda from…

Gouda is in the Dutch province of South Holland, making it great for a day trip or a longer stay.

Coming from…
Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base/JFC Brunssum:
 about 2 hours away
Spangdahlem Air Base: a little less than 4 hours away
Amsterdam: about on hour (by train or by car)
Rotterdam: about 20 minutes by train; 30 minutes by car
The Hague: about 30 minutes by train; 40 minutes by car

Where to Park

It was essential to park close to everything since we were only in Gouda for a few hours. We wanted to maximize our time there.

We parked at the Q-Park New Market, and had the pick of the litter for a spot since we got there early enough.

Where to Stay in Gouda

When we visited in 2020 we found a spot central spot in Oosterhout, Netherlands. From there, we just drove to our destinations. The place we stayed at is no longer listed, but I found some other great properties in Gouda that can work for families:

More Things to do in Gouda:

Have you been on a day trip to Gouda?

I’d love to hear about your favorite spots in Gouda, so if you’ve been there, tell me all about it!

Here's everything you need to know about when you go on a Gouda day trip. Get ready for cheese, some sweets, and a lot of charm.



  1. I have actually always wanted to visit Holland! It sounds like such an interesting place, and your photos are all super pretty! One day…

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