7 Spring & Summer Must Haves

I know this is straying from my usual content, but it’s time I share my favorite spring and summer must haves. Warm weather is right around the corner (or maybe you’re already basking in it), and being prepared will go a long way in enjoying every minute of it.

As a creature of habit (or maybe I should say, as someone who doesn’t stray from things she likes), you can rest assured that these are tried and true favorites.

Spring & Summer Must Haves

These must haves aren’t things I’ve willy-nilly picked at random. There’s one thing that I’ve used for just over a year, but most used these for at least a year, if not (embarrassingly) longer than that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

No More Thigh Rub

Okay, I don’t know where this Megababe Thigh Rescue was all my life, but it’s been a literal game changer since discovering it several years ago. If you have big thighs then you know the horrible issue of that thigh rub; the chafing, the hurting, the desire to always wear pants.

Y’all, I used to forgo wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses for the longest time, because I hated the chafe (and wearing something like bike shorts underneath was simply hot and annoying).

But then I found this, and now I wear all the things all the time. This is my top spring and summer must have pick!

Watermelon Sugar

Have you ever smelled something that instantly takes you back to a happy place? That’s this line (Watermelon Mint) of Raw Sugar from Target. One whiff of it literally makes me smile, which is why I have their soap, lotion, and body wash.

It’s not overly sweet, but just inviting enough to wake up your senses—it’s an absolute favorite. Back when we used to have people over, I’d have the soap in our guest bathroom, and it always get compliments.

Another watermelon-scented fave is this two-minute peel. It’s safe enough to use every day (I use it two-three times a week), and my face always feels so much more refreshed after using it. I discovered it in my FabFitFun box* last year, and I’ve made sure to always keep some on hand.

*Sign up for a FabFitFun subscription and get $10 off your first box!

Just Say No (to bugs)

Okay, I’m pretty certain you won’t find something like this on a fancy/schmancy beauty influencer’s instagram, but this has to be on my list, because it’s AMAZING. This is the only kind of insect repellant that A) actually works and B) doesn’t smell horrid.

We used it on our trip to Hawaii in 2019, and it’s been my bug “spray” of choice ever since. We’ve used their lotion and their spray, and 100% recommend both. In fact, I need to stock up on some now!

These Birks Were Made for Walkin’

I’ve had these shoes for-ev-er. The Mayari Sandal is my absolute favorite style that Birkenstock has—I think they’re stylish without being too clunky looking. Plus, after a day of breaking them in, they’ll fit your foot like a glove.

Seriously, the shoe molds to your foot. I’ve literally walked all around the world in these, and there are actual tears when I have to put them away for winter.

Get Dressed Up

I’m a big ol’ fan of dressing as comfortable as possible, and I’m super picky about the clothes I wear, because (as I mentioned), I want to be comfortable. This dress (with pockets!!) is, hands down, one of my favorite things to wear, and an absolute must have for spring and summer. There are more than three dozen colors/designs, and they fit true to size.

This is another favorite dress of mine when I want my upper arms covered up a little more.

Here Comes the Sun

Another summer must have that I’ve had forever? These sunglasses. They’re not too big, not too dark, and just colorful enough to not lose in the bottom of your bag. Oh, and that face plant* they’re resting on? Yeah, you need that in your life…or it can make an excellent gift for someone! (*Plant not included; I got this one from Ikea, but I may branch out and get a real one for it soon.)

Pro tip: why buy one pair of sunglasses when you can buy two? Put the second in a safe place so you have a backup pair when you inevitably lose the first.

It’s Coffee Time

Add this to your summer must-haves list asap! Skip the drive through and make your own cold brew coffee. Not only will you save money (hooray), but it tastes freaking awesome, and you can use your own coffee (hello, blah blah). I’ve shared this Cold Brew Pitcher before on here (see the post here), but the second it starts getting warmer again, we bust it out of its winter holding spot and start brewing our own cold brew.

What’s on Your Summer Must-Haves List?

Do you own any of these awesome things yet? Is there something you can’t live with out during the warm months? Tell me about ’em below!


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