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Where to Find Tulip Fields in Germany

I know what you’re thinking: “Tulip fields in Germany? Wait. Don’t you mean, ‘Drive to the Netherlands and see the tulips there?'”

Nope! You can see rows and rows of gorgeous flowers during springtime right in Deutschland.

Everything you need to know about seeing tulip fields in Germany. No need to cross the border when there are some in Deutschland.

Are these tulip fields in Germany as grand as those in its neighboring country?


But they are just as pretty and fill that desire to see gorgeous blooming tulips right in Germany if you can’t make it over to Holland…or just want to see some closer to home.

I hope everyone gets to see tulip fields at least once in their lifetime; it’s one thing to see them in photos, but to see just how vibrant they are in real life is such a site to see.

At one point, after we had been in the field for a little while, my middle child got so excited.

Clutching her hand over her mouth, she started jumping up and down, overjoyed with the scene before her. She said it looked like the flowers morphed into a rainbow carpet and was spread out before our eyes.


I love that she let the joy literally exude out of her and got to experience seeing something so beautiful.

Pro tip: If you visit this particular field*, walk along the path away from the tulip stoll. Turn back once you’ve reached the end and then look at the site before your eyes for the best view of that “rainbow carpet” she saw.
*they change fields seasonally. See the “Location” section below.


Everything you need to know about seeing tulip fields in Germany.

Location for the Tulip Fields in Germany


As of writing this, we’ve only found one tulpenfeld (tulip field) in Germany, but if/when we find more, I’ll update this section.

The town of Grevenbroich, just southwest of Düsseldorf has around 100 hectares (250 acres) of tulip fields, but the actual location fluctuates from season to season.

To find the exact location of the tulip fields in Germany in 2021, type “Tulpenfeld Grevenbroich 2021” into Google Maps and it will take you right to it. Follow the tulip field’s Instagram for some updates, and the exact location each year (the fields change seasonally).⁠⁠

When to Visit the Tulip Fields in Germany

Knowing when to visit a tulip field is key. Show up too early and you just see a sea of green. Get there too late and the vibrant colors are picked and on their way out.

What Season to Visit

Mid to late April seems to be the sweet spot for seeing the tulips at their best. The super sweet lady working at the field said they expect the flowers will stick around until the the first week of May this year.

If you can plan it right, you could see the cherry blossom street in Bonn, Germany, and then drive an hour north to see the tulip fields!

Tulip Field Hours

Monday through Saturday: 10am—5pm
Sundays and public holidays: noon—5pm

We visited around 10:30am on a Wednesday morning early in their season, and it was fairly empty. However, it picked up dramatically by the time we left at noon.

Important Info for the Tulip Fields in Germany


It is free to visit, but be an awesome person and support the field. There’s a stall at the entrance of the fields with tulips for sale. Bring some euros with you, and plan on buying some flowers to take home. They sell tulips at a little stand up front: 10 stems for €4 (but you can always buy more!)


Parking is free, and there was a small lot near the tulip stall. There was nobody monitoring this lot while we were there.

Masks⁠⁠ and Rules

There are signs up all over the place (in English and German) regarding the rules of what you can and can’t do.

The big thing: you must wear a mask. As you can see from our photos, we were not wearing them while we snapped a photo, but we immediately put them back on after the picture was done.

Full disclosure: we did that because everyone else was doing it, and nobody was telling us we had to keep it on. If they make you keep yours on while taking photos: I’m truly sorry!

They also ask that you essentially don’t be a jerk (but they’re nicer about saying “jerk.”) Don’t pick any flowers, don’t run through the rows, etc.


There were NO public bathrooms at this tulip field. However, there is the Nikolauskloster (a monastery) around the corner, and it’s rumored that there are restrooms you can use. I cannot officially confirm this since we didn’t use their facilities, so if you go there, please let me know and I can update this post!



Three things to keep in mind when you’re picking out what to wear:

  1. Pick shoes wisely. You’re going to be traipsing through a field, so if it recently rained the night before, there will be mud! Choose accordingly when picking your shoes.
  2. It gets windy. Again, you’re out in a field and it can get windy while you’re out there. Keep that in mind if you decide to wear a dress…especially a short dress, wink wink.
  3. Try not to clash. If you’re planning on taking photos, keep in mind that the tulips are quite colorful, so stick to light-colored outfits. Admittedly, my oldest picked her own dress and I didn’t stop her, but possibly should have. Her green dress was almost the same color as some of the leaves. We saw different shades of red, orange, purple, pinks, white, and yellow tulips.

Have you been to a tulip field in Germany?

If you’ve seen tulips in Germany I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Thank you for this article! I will be in Germany April30-May 8… I hope it isn’t too late to see this Tulip farm.

    1. If it’s anything like last year (fingers crossed), you’ll probably be able to catch the last bit of them. ALthough, I might suggest heading to the Netherlands if possible to see more—I have a post on where to see some in the NL, too!

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