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Awesome Family-Friendly Place to Stay in Normandy

As a family of five, we usually stay in an AirBnb when we travel since we get the most bang for our buck with space and amenities. But I wanted to switch things up during our latest trip to France since we were staying a little longer, and the outcome was amazing. We found the perfect family-friendly place to stay in Normandy at the Yelloh Village Camping La Capricieuse.

Looking for an awesome, family-friendly place to stay in Normandy while you visit the D-Day sites? A family of five shares the perfect spot.

We loved our trip to Normandy, and I think it’s partly due to having this great family-friendly campsite to come back to every day. Since we were staying a little longer than our usual trips (four nights as opposed to a weekend), I wanted a place we could relax that had plenty of great amenities.

Camping La Capricieuse hit all the checkmarks for us.

This post is NOT sponsored. We just loved this spot, and I want to help other families find the best place to stay.

About Yelloh Village

Yelloh VIllage is a chain of campsites plopped all around France with several spots in Spain and a couple in Portugal, too.

When I first started looking into this “campsite” I was hesitant because camping is NOT what I wanted. I wanted a roof over my head, an actual bed, and amenities…this was not the time to pitch a tent*.

It turns out that camping in Europe (France) is different than when Americans say that they’re going camping. Thankfully, we’re in love with their version; this family-friendly place to stay in Normandy was perfect for us.

They have cottages (like a tiny house) that can accommodates up to eight people, and it includes everything you need!

On top of that, there are activities all day long for the whole family. Plus there are pools, a kid’s club, laundry (for a fee; 5 euro to wash and 4 euro to dry), food/restaurants, and some have beach access, bike rentals, lakes, and so much more.

Basically, my excitement kept building as I kept reading about this place. It was everything I was looking for. Best of all: the prices didn’t leave my mouth hanging open—some locations even offer full or half board (food)!

If you stay at one, don’t forget to sign up for their loyalty program; you can earn free stays.

tour ideas for you:

The “catch” if there is one (and I use that term loosely, because it never felt like there was anything shady about it…just something to keep in mind): when you’re looking at where to stay, everything is kinda “a la carte.”

This means that if you want bedding, you have to pay extra for it. If you want that bedding put on your bed, you have to pay extra. Same for towels. If you want internet, you have to pick the category that includes high-speed wifi in your cottage. You also have the option to pay for a full clean out at the end, or you can do it yourself.

Personally, these weren’t deal breakers for us, and because we picked the “premium” cottage category, all of the things listed above (and more) were included in our price. It was a small price to pay to enjoy our stay a little bit more.

Pro tip: looking to save some bucks and have kids? Bring sleeping bags for them to use. Our kids still think that’s “cool,” so consider that an option!

*Also, you can pitch a tent and/or hook up your RV/Camper (if you do this you get a parking spot with a heated sanitary area with a toilet, sink, shower, fridge, and electric and water hookups).

Our Family-Friendly Stay in Normandy

Check out the details for the Premium Cottage we stayed in at Yelloh Village Camping La Capricieuse.

Our Three-Bedroom Cottage

Our three-bedroom tiny home technically slept six people (two twins in two rooms; one double in the third room). It also had two showers and two toilets, a living room, a kitchen, and our own little outdoor area with a BBQ (needs charcoal).

As I mentioned above, not everything is included in your stay, but since we went for the “premium” room, we got the following included in our price:

  • Sheets, duvets, towels, and pillows were provided
  • Beds were made when we arrived
  • High-speed WiFi in our cottage
  • final cleaning included
  • Baby stuff would’ve been provided if we needed it

I will say that it was a very small, tight space for the bedrooms. But, all we did was sleep in there, so we didn’t need ample room. The living room area (with the couch) was fine for all of us, and we liked that there was a table inside as well as a table on the patio.

Thankfully, there is ample storage. We actually ditched the suitcase and packed everything in our backpack in packing cubes. This turned out to be a perfect solution since the large backpack folds/crumples up and could go in one of the many storage cabinets. Then, each person took their packing cubes and put them in their own room’s cabinets.

We were gone for a total of six days, and I did laundry once at the campsite. Honestly, I can’t imagine bringing suitcases since there would be no place to put them.

Don’t Forget to Pack…

As fantastic as our stay was, there was a slight learning curve for us; we wished we packed a few extra things.

For example: you’ll only get one roll of toilet paper and one dishwasher soap when you arrive at your cottage, so plan accordingly (like, bring some more TP or plan on making a quick run to the store if you’ll be there for a bit). There was also zero hand soap available, so bring a bar or two with you.

The kitchen was fully stocked with your essentials (including a kettle, a toaster, a regular coffee maker [bring your own filters], and a nespresso coffee maker), but I do wish I brought a good knife with us since they were all extremely dull.

Thankfully, those were things we could easily pick up at the store (minus the knife). Plus, since there was a kitchen we decided to cook a couple nights at “home” anyway, so quick run to the store was essential.


Why we Loved Staying at this Family-Friendly Campsite in Normandy

We wanted something a little different than our usual AirBnb rental, and this family-friendly stay in Normandy was so fun. The cottage itself was perfect, and the village was wonderful.

The Activities

There are things to do through the camp all day. One afternoon we went on a photo scavenger hunt, and the kids also had pool dance parties. They even had fun, family-friendly “pub-style” quizzes during dinner time that the girls loved. We never won, but we had a blast trying to guess song titles and movie/tv show theme songs.

Camping La Capricieuse had not one, not two, not three, but four water areas! There was one full indoor pool, one outdoor pool (with its entrance inside), one “spa” pool (which was like a giant hot tub with bubbles, but not the extra heat), a kiddie pool complete with a slide that my girls loved, and a splash pad outside. Oh, and there’s a playground and a bouncy-house, too.

It was like a cruise ship on land; so much to do, too little time to do it all.

The Thoughtfulness

The staff willingly spoke English and translated when they spoke French. The best part is that they never once seemed annoyed with doing so. Anytime we had a question, they were there with an answer, too.

The Food!

I was worried that the restaurant on site would be overpriced and not good. Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. The food was fantastic and we had dinner there several times.

While they didn’t have breakfast available, they did have a bakery deliver fresh bread, pastries, and croissants every morning. And truthfully, it doesn’t get better than that when you’re in France.

There was also coffee available all day in the restaurant!

The Location

Our cottage had beach access two minutes away from our door; you could see the water once you left the property. Walking along the boardwalk was delightful, and Luc-sur-mer is so close and tiny, you could just walk around and explore easily.

Beyond that, we liked that we could easily go to restaurants in town (there was also a food truck right at the beach’s boardwalk).

Even though we could’ve been more centrally located for D-Day sites (like staying in Bayeux), we preferred all the amenities this place had over a shorter drive.

Is This Family-Friendly Camping in Normandy for you?

Has this convinced you to stay there yet? It was so great, and I truly can’t wait to stay at another Yelloh Village again soon. If you have another family-friendly place to stay in Normandy, I’d love to hear about it, too.


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