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A Balloon Fiesta Scavenger Hunt

If you’re headed to Albuquerque at the beginning of October, then you’ve gotta make sure you have this handy dandy Balloon Fiesta scavenger hunt for some extra fun—especially if you have kids.

Headed to Albuquerque during the fall? Make sure you have this handy dandy Balloon Fiesta scavenger hunt for some extra fun!

The Balloon Fiesta is an annual 10-day event where hundreds—literally, hundreds—of hot air balloons lift off from Albuquerque’s Rio Grande Valley, dotting the sky for several hours each morning.

Long story short: it’s magical. And I don’t use that term loosely.

If you’re heading down to balloon fiesta field to see the magic happen with your own eyes, then this is for you.

Get Your Balloon Fiesta Scavenger Hunt Here

Here are your free downloads, but keep reading for some helpful hints and how to use this balloon fiesta scavenger hunt.

For ONE scavenger hunt on a page, click here (or right click and save image above).

For TWO scavenger hunts on a page, click here (or right click and save image above).

About this Scavenger Hunt

First things first: don’t forget to print the scavenger hunt out and pack it before you leave in the morning, or save it to your phone.

Because, let’s be real: a scavenger hunt may not be your top priority at 4am when you’re getting ready to leave.

Just think of this scavenger hunt as a little cheat sheet so you don’t miss a thing. Once those balloons start inflating, you can often miss some pretty spectacular sights.

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How to Use this Balloon Fiesta Scavenger Hunt

If you have kids, consider getting them a kid-friendly camera, letting them use one of your old phones, or picking up an “old-school” disposable camera.

Not only will this scavenger hunt keep them occupied, but they’ll be on the lookout for neat things throughout the morning.

Afterwards, print them out or create a photo book!

Some Helpful Hints

Just in case you’re a newbie to the balloon fiesta, here are some helpful hints for some of the things mentioned on the scavenger hunt:

a “zebra”

Okay, you’re not looking for a real zebra here, but these are people who dress up like a zebra to help with the balloons.

balloon pins and Steve Stucker

Balloon pins are a thing. You can find hundreds of them in the official merchandise booths at the fiesta. Likewise Steve Stucker—and his hat—is an Albuquerque icon and weather reporter. You can spot him with all his pins reporting the weather on the field for KOB4.

flying pig

You’ve heard the saying, “when pigs fly,” right? Well, once again, you’re not an actual flying pig. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for a pig balloon (or two) to reach the skies.

the green flag

It’s like playing red light/green light in the mornings. Once that green flag is lifted you’ll hear a roar of excitement from the crowds, and the balloons will start their ascent.

dawn patrol

Every morning dawn patrol is the first wave of balloons to lift off—they’re essentially “testing the waters” in the sky to see where the winds may take the balloonists.

an international balloon

Fun fact: more than 17 countries will take flight during the 2021 Balloon Fiesta. As you’re getting balloon trading cards, talk to the pilots and see where they’re from.

balloon trading cards

(Almost) Every balloon will have their own trading card. Simply ask anyone on a balloon’s crew if they have one to share.

Have Fun with the Balloon Fiesta Scavenger Hunt

I would LOVE to see your Balloon Fiesta scavenger hunts in action. Tag me on Instagram or comment here if you used it.

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