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Disney Cruise Packing List: Extra Fun Things You Need

You’ve probably already spent a fortune on your 2024 Disney Cruise, and while you absolutely don’t need any of the stuff mentioned below (because Disney already excels at bringing the magic), adding these items to your Disney Cruise packing list will make your trip extra special and fun.

One of my favorite things about sailing with Disney and what sets it above others for families is that it truly is an experience, and that experience—for old and young—is amplified with a little extra TLC in the packing process with some of these Disney Cruise essentials.

So make sure you add these things to your Disney Cruise packing list ASAP!

What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: The Fun Stuff!

Okay, so this essential Disney Cruise packing list doesn’t include traditional things like shampoo, swimsuits, and diapers (if you have kids), because you know all of that.

And if you aren’t quite sure what to take specifically for a cruise, take a look here, at my cruise essentials shopping list for all the must-have cruise packing list items.

This essential Disney Cruise packing list includes extra fun things that will take your trip with Mickey and his friends to the next level.

Of course, none of these are necessary, and I promise you’ll have fun even if you don’t get a single one.

Buuuuuuuut if you do have room in your suitcase and your budget, then shop on with these must-haves for a Disney Cruise!

Matching Disney Shirts

If you’re traveling as a family for your 2024 Disney Cruise, and especially if you’re cruising in a group, get yourselves some matching Disney shirts! Other cruise-goers will comment and have fun spotting them around the ship, and it’s a fun way to bond and a total Disney Cruise essential item.

Plus, wearing them on embarkation day just makes the beginning of your vacay even more exciting.

My favorite shirts are from Twinkle Twirl and Sass. She has the softest, comfiest shirts ever with all the color combos you can think of and super cute sayings for them. You won’t be disappointed, promise.

Door Magnets

This 2024 Disney Cruise packing list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention door magnets.

Door magnets on your cruise will seriously make your trip so much fun. It’s so cool to walk through the decks and see all the decorated cabin doors. Plus, it’s fun to see people change them for different theme nights or destinations.

For example, if you’re sailing over Halloween, the decorations may get a little “spooky.” Heading to Mexico? Mickey may need a margarita on your door. Going to Castaway Cay? Pop up some palm trees and give Minnie some sunglasses. On Pirate night you can even throw on a pirate hat!

Door magnets are all over Etsy, but I can save you some searching by just clicking here. You can get them customized, and she’s always popping up with new designs.

Bonus: Door magnets pack flat in your suitcase, so they won’t take up extra room.

A White Board

Yup, something else for your cabin door, and this one is interactive!

Pop a whiteboard on your door and you can leave notes for other people at your party or leave questions on there for fellow cruisers to answer.

This is a highlight for my kids, and an absolute Disney Cruise must-have (or an essential item whenever we cruise), and they always race back to the room to see what new comments we have!

*Note the one linked is different from the one pictured. After trial and error, the one linked is waaaaay better than the first one we used, so learn from our trials and get this one!

Dress-up Stuff

In case this is your first cruise with Disney, here’s a fun fact for you: you’ll see A LOT of characters. Not only are there meet and greets with your favorite characters, but you’ll also see princesses reading bedtime stories, dance parties with Mickey and his friends, Avengers assembling for some superhero training, and….well, you get the point.

They’re everywhere!

If your little one wants to dress the part—shoot, even if you want to dress the part, then make sure to add all the dress-up stuff on your Disney Cruise packing list.

Princess Dresses

We scored some great princess dresses the day after Halloween, so don’t sleep on those sales. These also make excellent Christmas gifts and birthday gives from grandparents!

Alternatively, we’ve even seen accessories for princess garb at places like the dollar store, so don’t discount going off-brand! Even princesses need to save a buck here and there.

Princess dresses (one or multiple) are absolute must-haves for a Disney Cruise.

Pirate Outfits

Arrrrrrr you ready for an arrrsome Pirate Night at sea? Some sailings celebrate a Pirate Night complete with a midnight buffet, fireworks, Captain Mickey and good ol’ Jack Sparrow making appearances. I won’t give away any more fun, but if you want to dress up for this, go forth.

In the past (I need to confirm with current sailings) Disney has provided pirate bandanas on your bed for Pirate Night. But, if you want to go a little further, stop by the dollar store, check on Amazon, or splurge on after-Halloween sales for some pirate stuff. When in doubt: throw on a black-and-white striped top with some heavy eyeliner!

This is an easy night to include in your Disney Cruise packing list.

Avengers Assemble

This goes along with the princess dresses, but keep an eye out after Halloween for some sweet deals on superhero costumes. And don’t forget to ask on buy/sell Facebook pages for your community. Kids grow out of things so fast that someone’s bound to be selling one!

Can’t find a costume? Fun-themed shirts work just as well!

Autograph/Picture Book

Funny story: I didn’t actually think we needed these for our last Disney cruise. I pulled the ol’, “Eh…they’ll be fine without them.”

We had just visited Disneyland a couple of months before our cruise and I didn’t think they’d even notice or care. Well, the girls did notice, and they asked me to add some autograph books to my Disney Cruise packing list….only one thing led to another and I forgot. I kept brushing it off and never added it.

Big mistake. Big. HUGE. I had to go shopping ASAP, only it was too late to order on Amazon. (Don’t be like me: get these now!)

Thankfully, they do sell them once you’re on board, so if you forget you can buy them there (for a much higher price, just FYI). But don’t be like me. Grab some ahead of time; these are totally essential on your Disney Cruise.

A Fun Bag to Carry ALL Your Stuff

Chances are, if you’re traveling with kids, you’ll need a bag to carry all their crap stuff around with you. Right? So you might as well make that bag fun!

Typically you don’t need much when you’re on a cruise, but if you’ve got kids in tow, a bag is a lifesaver. Those extra costume dresses aren’t going to hold themselves, and I have a feeling your little human won’t be up for the job of carrying it around!

I can’t tell you how many compliments and comments I got on this bag. Get one similar here or here.

Disney Ears

Personally, these top our Disney Cruise packing list, because they’re my favorite way to accessorize when I’m aboard a ship.

I love this pack of six, because they’re affordable and pretty, and I can share them with my girls. If you’re looking for some a little less…flashy, check these out.

Of course, you can go a little crazy with picking out some ridiculously fun, customized Disney ears, so do what works for you, but just know that even simple can be great!

Alcohol (for the grownups!)

Okay, grownups, this one’s for you: Save some money and bring your own beer or wine on board with you*. Talk about an essential Disney Cruise must-have, right?

Every cruiser (21 years or older, of course) can bring either two bottles of wine or a 6-pack of beer. You can also bring more on at every port stop. Keep in mind that you have to pack this in your carry-on bag when you embark on the ship—it cannot go in your luggage.

Let me tell you: sipping some wine from your balcony at night after the kids have gone to sleep is one of my favorite parts of cruising.

Not sure how to pack your wine? I’ve got you covered right here.

Note: Double-check that your specific cruise/ship/ports allow you to bring alcohol on board.

Gift Cards

My mom gets the credit for this idea. She buys my kids Disney gift cards before we set sail and gives them to them either for Christmas or their birthday (if we have a sailing coming up) or just before the cruise. Then, they get to use the gift cards on the ship!

Because you know you’re going to walk by the stores and they’re going to want everything, right?! This way you don’t have to say no.

Another idea: if your kids are at the age where they’re doing chores and making money, you can see if they’d like to trade in their hard-earned cash for a Disney gift card to spend on board.

What extra fun things are on Your Disney Cruise Packing List?

I hope this 2024 Disney Cruise packing list helped you think of other things you may want to pack for your Disney Cruise besides the normal stuff.

If you’re jonesing for even more things, you can pick up some lanyards (super handy for not losing your keycard) for your group, and don’t forget your water bottles, too.

I’d love to hear about what other fun things you can think of to add to the list!


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