Top 5 Places To Make Macarons in Paris with Kids

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with your family during your trip to Paris, then you’ve come to the right place. Learning to make macarons in Paris with your kids is an opportunity of a lifetime, not to mention that it’s fun, educational, and really, really, delicious!

Make macarons in Paris! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is so fun & delicious. A mom of three found five family-friendly places in Paris!

During a solo trip to the capital of France with my girls (7 and 9 years old at the time), I wanted to find something special for us to do, so I started looking into macaron classes in Paris for kids.

Surprisingly, finding an actual place to make macarons with kids was a little more difficult than I realized. There are several that claim they’re for “kids,” but after a little more digging you realize they really mean they’re more suitable for teens.

I get it; you don’t want tiny humans running around a kitchen. But after searching a little more I found more than a few places that allow kids to make macarons in Paris.

PRO TIP: Several classes had a minimum age to attend, but I highly suggest sending an email and simply asking if younger kids can attend.

Taking a macaron cooking class in Paris was a total highlight for the three of us.

Our Personal Macaron-Making Experience

family-friendly macaron class in paris with custom colors and flavors!

The class we picked was fantastic and we had a blast. We made our own macarons from start to finish, and then we got to bring them all home with us!

If you ask Maddie (my middle kid) about making macarons in Paris her face will light up and she’ll say, “We got to make them by ourselves. I got to do the very first thing, which was pour ALLLLLL the sugar in!”

I know she’d say this, because it’s what she’s told everyone since we’ve been back. The girls loved it.

I had several other places on my list as potential macaron classes, and honestly, the only reason we went with Maison Fleuret was that it was the only one that worked with our schedule.

Thankfully it was exactly what we needed. The class size was small (there were six of us total) and the location was easy to get to (in Saint Germain, just a stone’s throw from the Louvre.

Plus, the instructor leading the macaron cooking class was Parisian (born and raised), and she was so helpful and patient with everyone.

The girls totally held their own during the entire thing; they were so proud of their creations.

While I loved making the classic round-style macarons, they loved making their own designs and shapes. We also got to pick our own colors and filling flavors!

Maddie made purple and raspberry
Julia made teal dark chocolate
I made pink and coffee

They were DELICIOUS.

I was so intimidated by macarons before, but the process and instructor made it seem so easy…we might even attempt to make them at home sometime!

Our Macaron Class in Paris

Here’s the info for where we went:

MAISON FLEURET: Make Macarons with a Chef

  • Good to know: in Saint Germain; about 2 hours long. Emailed ahead of time to confirm it was okay for kids; had the most availability

4 MORE Macaron Classes in Paris for Kids

Here are four more places in Paris to make macarons with kids. Check them all out and see which works for your schedule. Keep in mind that some only have classes on certain days.


  • Good to know: in a private Parisian apartment in the 12th arrondissement; about an hour and a half long


  • Good to know: in the Opera district; the most affordable option for families; classes only on Wednesdays; about an hour and a half long


  • Good to know: near Montmartre, but in the Batignolles district; about two and a half hours long; reviews mention kids in class


  • Good to know: the minimum age mentioned is 12 years old; near the Panthéon; three hours long

YOUR Experience Making Macarons in Paris

I’d love to hear about your experience if you take your kids to make macarons in Paris. And if you know of any other great macaron classes that include families, tell me about them!

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