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15 of the Best Things to do in Prague with Kids

You’re in for a huge treat if you have Prague, Czech Republic on your radar. The city is overflowing with history, stunning architecture, and lip-smackingly scrumptious food (and don’t even get me started on the beer), but one of my favorite things is how family-friendly the city is—there is so much to do in Prague with kids.

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Visiting Prague with the kids? This post dives into awesome activities that kids and grown-ups will not just love, but enjoy.

Our family of five visited Prague in the fall of 2022, during a two-week Eastern Europe road trip, and I know in my bones it won’t be the last time we explore the city. We will be back; you can mark my words.

Friends told us that we’d love exploring Prague with our family and I took it with a grain of salt because almost every place we’ve been to has been pretty great so far, but they were so right.

Visiting Prague with kids is a place I’d definitely recommend for any family.

We only had two days in the city and we packed it full of fun stuff around Prague for the kids, but even better than that: the grown-ups enjoyed every bit of it, too.

Fun Things To Do in Prague with Kids

Everything listed below was on our personal list of fun things to do with our kids in Prague.

Of course, you can only do so much, so there are a handful of things still on our list.

The things we didn’t get to will be designated with an asterisk (*) with the hope that we’ll return sometime—hopefully sooner than later—so we can experience them. Of all the places we’ve been to, Prague is the number one place I absolutely want to return to before we move.

Also, these are in no particular order, except that the things we’ve personally experienced with our kids in Prague are at the top. If they made this list, then it’s something we liked!

Eat at the Train Restaurant

“Eat at the train restaurant” (aka the Výtopna Railway Restaurant in Wenceslas Square) was one of the first things I had on my list of things to do with my kids in Prague—I had it saved for years, and when we finally made it there, it didn’t disappoint.

While the food is nothing to write home about (although the kids’ chicken strips were actually really good), it’s the ambiance and uniqueness that sets this restaurant apart.

The kids loved it, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little giddy, too. Once you order your drinks and food are delivered to you by train, which is just plain fun.

Make a reservation. We had an early lunch and it was pretty empty, but by the time we left it was filling up.

Correspond your mealtime with a beer spa (the next thing on this list); the location of our beer spa was pretty close to the train restaurant. We went before our soak.

Splish Splash in a Beer Bath

If you’re looking for a unique experience to do in Prague with your family then this is it. It doesn’t get much cooler than taking a dip in an authentic Czech beer bath!

Our family of five hopped into the Beer Spa Bernard tubs and loved it.

You can read all about our experience and see all the details, plus helpful tips, in this post.

Blow Your Own Glass Mug

Honestly, I was on the fence about this one, but I had so many friends say that they loved it, that we decided to do it, too. Creating our own glass creations at Pragl turned out to be a highlight during our time in Prague.

Not only do you get to learn a little bit about the history of Czech glass, but Dave, the Australian running the show, is awesome and lets you get very hands with designing your piece from beginning to end.

Oh, and did I mention it’s super family-friendly? Check out our review of it here.

Eat All the Chimney Cakes

Technically called Trdelník, these pastries are made from rolled dough and then wrapped around a stick. It’s then grilled in a spit-like contraption and topped with all sorts of deliciousness.

I like the traditional version of just cinnamon and sugar, but you can get everything from nuts and cookies to whipped cream and ice cream.

Keep in mind that even though you’ll see them everywhere, Trdelník is not a traditional Czech treat. If you want to try something more local, keep your eyes peeled for a pekárna, a traditional Czech bakery.

PRO TIP: Rumor has it that the best Trdelník in Prague is in the Jewish Quarter. Let your nose lead you to it.

Cross the Charles’ Bridge

Y’all, the Charles Bridge is long. And if you have little legs, it’s extra long. So I bet you’re wondering why this made my list of places to take kids in Prague.

It’s because it’s also beautiful and on a nice day you’ll see musicians, artists, and street performers outside.

Make the trek even more entertaining for kids by having them count how many statues there are from one side to the other. (Spoiler alert: there are 30!) This kept my younger two kids entertained from beginning to end.

Also, as you’re crossing to the Lesser Town side, check out the park on the right-hand side. Perfect if they need to get some wiggles out.

Check out the Toy Store

Stopping by Hamleys toy store is gigantic and if you go in, fair warning that you’ll probably have to drag your kids out.

There’s a giant, two-story slide, a carousel, an interactive water section, and several other paid areas like laser tag, a butterfly garden, a mirror maze, bumper cars, and more.

Honestly, we weren’t planning on stopping by so I didn’t prepare our kids for having to get out of the store. Not only that, but we only had backpacks for this trip, so we couldn’t bring any toys back with us. We bribed them to leave with the promise of a trdelník that was right outside the store.

Experience a Medieval Dinner + Show*

A three-course meal, unlimited drinks, and medieval performances with jugglers and belly dancers geared towards families in Prague? Sounds like an awesome night out, right?

A Medieval Dinner and Show was one of the activities I waffled on over and over and in the end, we didn’t do it because we didn’t have the time (I didn’t want to squeeze too much into our weekend).

I have friends who did this with their kids in Prague and loved it and others who said you could pass on it. When we go back I absolutely want to go and see how it is.

Visit the Zoo Via Boat*

The Prague Zoo is great for kids and families looking for more things to do in the city. There are more than 150 exhibits and secret trails leading all around the park.

And from April-October, if you don’t have public transportation, no problem. Visit the Prague Zoo and arrive in style via a boat ride (click here to book); it picks you up and drops you off in the city center near the Charles Bridge.

Trick or Art?*

Experience the unexpected at IAM Prague, aka, the Illusion Art Museum, the Czech Republic’s first illusion and trick art museum that actually encourages guests to touch and interact with the art.

My friends took their two kids there on a recent visit to Prague and said it was a fun, interactive experience and the perfect spot for kids, especially if it’s raining outside.

See Prague’s “Eiffel Tower”*

Did you know Paris isn’t the only place you can see the Eiffel Tower? There’s a replica in Prague! It’s actually called the Petřín Lookout Tower, and it’s 1/5th the size of the actual Eiffel Tower. You can climb to the top—unlike its big sister in Paris, there’s no elevator here, but the views are just as spectacular.

Once you get to the top there’s a mirror maze, a playground, a rose garden, and a path that also leads to Prague Castle.

Snag your tickets here:

Explore the Castle*

Since you’re already over in Lesser Town, make plans to see the castle! Grab a skip-the-line ticket with a guide to make the most of your time and see everything there is to see.

Cruise on a Boat*

image source: getyourguide.com

Change the scenery for little ones and hop on a boat to see Prague from a different view.

Kids will love looking out the large windows, and if you buy a ticket here, the boat tour comes with ice cream in the summer or gingerbread in the winter. The best part is that it’s only 45 minutes long. SCORE!

See an AirShip*

image source: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art

The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is home to the Gulliver Airship, and you can go inside it. It’s not actually a real airplane; it’s a wood and steel make-shift Zeppelin and is designed as a reading nook and gathering space, and it sits on top of the museum’s roof.

Nonetheless, fans of airplanes will certainly have fun going inside this work of art.

PRO TIP: When you visit the museum, ask for some kids’ worksheets and see if they have any family-friendly workshops happening!

Visit Slavonic Island*

Not far from New Town along the Vltava River is the tiny Slavonic Island. If you find yourself near here, there’s a great playground, a small train kids can ride (for a fee), and it’s where you can rent out boats (row and pedal) in the warmer months.

LEGOS in Prague*

There are more than 3,000 LEGO models on display at the Prague LEGO Museum; enough to make any kid at heart wildly happy. In fact, they boast that they have the most LEGO exhibits (20 of them) in the entire world!

Grab your tickets here:

Find the Yellow Penguins*

source: flickr by Ignacio Ferre Pérez

After crossing the Charles Bridge, turn left and start walking towards Kampa along the Vltava River. Keep an eye out for something peculiar.

You’ll soon find more than 30 yellow penguins (34, to be exact). They’re close to four feet tall and they’re made out of recycled bottles.

Originally created as an art installation to make a statement about global warming, they’re also becoming a pretty big tourist spot.

If you happen to see them at night, you’re in for a bigger treat since they light up!

Address: U Sovových mlýnů 418/5, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

Where to Stay in Prague with a Family

Honestly, I waffled pretty hard on where to stay in Prague. As a family of five, it’s hard to find places sometimes, and I heard fantastic things about a place in Malá Strana…but it was further than all of our activities.

We ended up staying here, at Old Prague House, and the location was exactly what we needed, plus the space was large and accommodating for all of us. The only thing I didn’t like is that there was only someone on staff until 7 pm. We encountered an elderly traveler who arrived later than that and literally had no way to get in.

If/when we go back to Prague to explore Malá Strana, we’ll stay at The House at the Big Boot (Dům u velké boty). I’ve heard rave reviews about it from larger families and it sounds like an excellent pick.

Have you been to Prague with kids before? I’d love to hear where your family went!

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  1. Hi! I loved your post about going to Prague. Our family went over Spring Break this year, which for us was the last week of March. It was cold, windy, and even a little snowy, but we still had a nice time. I thought I’d mention a couple of things we did to add to your list for other families. Since we were there so close to Easter, we were able to go to the Easter market there, which was a really fun experience since they have a nice one. We did go visit the little Lego museum there, and we really liked it — we felt like it was worth going to see, even though we’ve been to Legoland. It’s a “Mom and Pop” type operation, but it’s well-maintained, and the owners and staff do a nice job. Something to add to your list — the National Museum is really awesome. We spent nearly a whole day in there. It was one of the best Natural History museums I’ve ever seen! A perfect way to spend a chilly day.

    1. Great tips! I’ve heard wonderful things about their Easter markets! And thanks for the info about the National Museum; it sounds fantastic!

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