Our Favorite Pampered Chef Seasonings And Why You Need Them!

I know the word “obsessed” and “addicted” are overused these days and likely very much exaggerated 97.6% of the time. So please trust me when I say this is not an exaggeration: I’m absolutely obsessed with my Pampered Chef seasonings.

A mom to three shares her favorites Pampered Chef spices and ways they can amplify your meals and take them to another level.

The amount of flavor packed into the little containers is unbelievable—truly.

They’re made with real ingredients, gluten-free, and they’re freaking flavorful. I use them as everyday spices, and I treat them as actual must-have, stand-alone ingredients in many of my meals.

We use these so often in our meals that I wanted to share why we adore them before I start sharing more recipes that call for them. The last thing I want you to do is gawk at why I specifically use a certain Pampered Chef spice rub in a particular recipe.

I often don’t use other spices in my meals/marinades and will simply use one or two of the Pampered Chef rubs below; they pack that much of a punch.

Hopefully, this post will convince you why the Pampered Chef seasonings they’re so lip-smacking and wonderful and why you need them in your pantry.

The Best Pampered Chef Spices

Pampered Chef has more than three dozen spices, rubs, oils, sauces, and mixes in their pantry collection and each season they’re always coming out with more, so I’m going to break it down with my all-time favorites—my top picks if you will.

Seasonings and Rubs

You honestly can’t go wrong with picking any Pampered Chef seasoning, but here are a handful of the ones we always keep on hand in our spice cabinet. These are (almost) in no particular order.

Bell Pepper Herb Rub

(Okay, I know I just said I wasn’t going to pick favorites…but if I did have a fave Pampered Chef seasoning, this would be it. Just don’t tell the others).

This Bell Pepper Rub is sooooooooo good. It’s my go-to for “every day” seasoning.

bell pepper herb rub from pampered chef

It’s fantastic sprinkled on eggs (cooked any way), avocados, tomatoes, and cucumbers, as a rub for grilled chicken, in chicken or tuna salad, and even mixed in with sour cream or cream cheese. You name it, this will be delicious on it.

I love this one so much it travels with us when we go on road trips or when we’re staying someplace with a kitchen.


Smoky Applewood Rub

This is another favorite Pampered Chef seasoning because it’s packed with flavor for that great BBQ taste, but without being extra sweet. The “smoky” aspect has just the right amount of smokiness and tastes good... (as opposed to chemically or artificial).

We use this as a rub on ribs or grilled/rotisserie chicken, as well as in our homemade BBQ sauce (recipe coming soon).


All The Garlic Seasonings

If you’re a fan of garlic, these Pampered Chef seasonings are for you. They’re fabulous on bread (for garlic bread, obviously), but I also love them in pasta and on chicken, pork, fish, and/or fries.


three onion pampered chef seasoning

Three Onion Rub

If you love onion, then this is a rub for you.

Flakes of real, dehydrated onion are in this mix along with other spices. I often put a tablespoon or two in my sauces, just for an extra onion kick, or I’ll sprinkle some in chicken salad.


Jamaican JErk Rub

Oh, hello deliciousness. I tried this rub mixed in with some shredded chicken and then topped on pizza. It was love at first bite. If you love that Jamaican flavor, you’ll love this. Use it for chicken, pizza, tacos, nachos, or anytime you need a little island flair with your meal.


More from the Pampered Chef Pantry

There are even more delicious items from the Pampered Chef Pantry. Here are a few other goodies I love having on hand.

Garlic-Infused Canola Oil

Shut the front door and add this Garlic-Infused Canola Oil to your cart immediately. It’s everything you want in a flavored oil; add it to your salad, dip your bread in it, or use it as a marinade. There’s also a Garlic Parmesan Olive Oil that will rock your mind.

However, if you’re going to use these keep in mind the only bad thing about these particular items: the jars are too small. Buy two and thank me later.


Raspberry Habanero Sauce

This sweet and spicy Raspberry Habanero Sauce is fantastic on everything from drizzled over a block of cream cheese or baked brie for an appetizer or mixed in with meatballs for a delicious dinner.

I love having this on hand for when I need a quick party dish to take somewhere.


Even More Delicious Pampered Chef Spices

I could truly go on and on with more I like, but since there are close to 50 seasonings now, I don’t want to keep you here all day.

Here are a few more that absolutely top my list: Chili Lime Rub (add it to your corn on the cob or fajitas), Greek Rub (omg, homemade gyros are the best; add two tablespoons per pound of chicken/beef), Carnitas Slow Cooker Seasoning (use as directed), and a new favorite is this Honey Sriracha Seasoning.

I’ve never tasted a “bad” or gross seasoning from Pampered Chef. Seriously. They’re all amazing and I could sing their delicious praises all day long.

There is also a whole new line of mixes to try—everything from soups and breads to desserts and breakfast favorites, too.

TasteBuds Subscription

If you’re on the fence about trying some of these, you could give TasteBuds a try. It’s a month-to-month subscription. You get three Pampered Chef seasonings to try along with a couple of recipes to use the spices in.

I’ve personally reviewed TasteBuds and I really like it, not just for the great seasonings, but because it’s been a fun way to switch up our meals when we’re stuck in a rut.

Share Your Fave PC Seasonings

I don’t want to be a broken record since I could literally chat about these all day. If you’ve tried anything from the Pampered Chef Pantry and loved it, tell me about it/them in the comments!


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