The Best Louvre Tours for Kids

If you’re Visiting the Louvre with kids and want a fun and educational experience, I’ve got you covered!

No trip to Paris is complete without visiting the Louvre. But it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed, especially if you’re visiting the Louvre with kids. That’s why the best way to experience the largest museum in the world is by going on a specific Louvre tour for kids.

Unlock the secrets to visiting the Louvre with kids on a fun tour for your family's next cultural excursion in Paris.

Besides the fact that it would take you more than an entire week to explore Paris’ most famous museum, there’s also this little detail about visiting the Louvre with kids…because every parent knows that kids and museums don’t always go hand in hand.

But what if they could explore the Louvre through a scavenger hunt? Or see the sights of the museum with a guide who actually caters to kids.

So whether you’re experiencing the Louvre for the first or fiftieth time, if you’ll be in Paris with children you should—without a doubt—find a kid-friendly Louvre tour to help make your time around the museum more entertaining, more interesting, and more engaging for everyone.

The guides for these Louvre tours for kids are not only experts with the different wings and navigating in, around, and within the museum, but they make it fun to learn about the different famous and not-so-famous art pieces, too.

Good To Know Before You Visit the Louvre

Here are some quick things to know before you visit the Louvre with your family.

Good to Know

The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, so plan your trip to Paris accordingly!

The Louvre is closed every Tuesday, so make sure you keep that into consideration when you’re planning your schedule.

It Gets HOT!
When we were there in December it was very hot inside. Make sure you wear layers!

Skip the Stroller.
Yes, you can technically bring them, but it gets super crowded (even when it’s not a holiday) and baby-wearing will be a better option. We also saw the line for the elevator and, yikes. The wait was very long. Babywearing is not allowed on the back, only the front. You can also borrow/rent a baby carrier from the info desk under the pyramid.

Small Bags Only
If you’re bringing a big, travel backpack make sure you check it in one of their lockers.

Get a Passport.
Head to the info desk under the pyramid and ask for a “Louvre Passport.” Kids can use it throughout the museum; it’s like their very own Louvre scavenger hunt.

Our Experience with a Kid-Friendly Tour of the Louvre

the louvre with kids - three kids and a dad inside the louvre

We visited Paris with all three of our kids (ages 9, 7, and 5 at the time) during Christmas break. It was a very busy time to be in Paris, and I knew we’d be totally in over our heads walking around the Louvre with kids without a guide.

My husband and I have both been to the Louvre before, but this was their first time and I wanted them to see the highlights in a way that would interest them, like with a Louvre scavenger hunt or something fun like that.

Finding fun Louvre tours for kids was the answer to all of my needs. The only problem was picking a kid-friendly tour of the Louvre.

We ended up booking a Private “Clues” Family Tour of the Louvre” with Paris Muse.

For our family of five, we paid $375 (although I believe they recently upped their prices), and we had a specific timed entrance.

I was thankful for our guide right off the bat; she knew the Louvre like the back of her hand, starting with a different entrance that got us through the line faster. There was an exhibit we were going to see that was randomly closed, but she quickly rerouted us without even hesitating.

The kids LOVED it.

They were asking questions and totally engaging with what she was telling them about the different pieces we looked at. And even though it was one of the busiest museums we’ve ever been in, she managed to find sections in front of major pieces of art where it was just us so we weren’t getting pushed and smushed.

My Top 3 Picks: Louvre tours for kids

I’m not going to lie: Louvre tours for kids are not very cheap. And while my jaw dropped at the price for most of them, I do realize you get what you pay for; sometimes you need to pay more for great service.

These all have fantastic reviews from families, and they all seem like really fun and educational tours of the Louvre specifically for kids. The bright side is that they do include the price of your museum ticket.

Here are three other kid-friendly Louvre tours that I was debating between.

More Awesome Tours of the Louvre for kids

While the following tours didn’t make my top list, they were still on my list, so I wanted to share them with you in case they’re right for your family:

More Fun Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Paris

There is so much to do in Paris with kids, so if you need something fun after or before your visit to the Louvre, check these out.

Paris Itineraries for Families

If you’ll be in Paris with kids, check out this post to see what we did over a long weekend in Paris.

And if you have more time to spare, here’s a guide for an entire week in and around Paris soon!

Where to Stay in Paris with a Family

If you need a place to stay in Paris with your family here are a few that I’ve personally stayed at and recommend.

  • Hotel Caumartin Opera – Astotel.
    I stayed here with my two daughters and it was perfect. The area was safe, the hotel was clean, and it wasn’t very expensive. We loved the location.
  • Hotel Palm – Astotel.
    I stayed here with a friend of mine. It was walkable from the train station and easy access to get anywhere in the city. I’d definitely stay here with a family.
  • MEININGER Hotel Paris Porte de Vincennes.
    We’ve stayed in several Meiningers around Europe and it’s always a top pick for our family. They’re clean and fun, and all five of us can stay in one room. I have no doubt that this one would be just as great.
  • YOOMA Urban Lodge.
    I’ve heard fantastic things about YOOMA Urban Lodge, but it’s always booked when we go to Paris. They have rooms for large families, which is awesome.

Find a Place to Stay in Paris

If you’re going to the Louvre with kids soon, I’d love to hear what tour you picked and how it went. And if you’re looking for more info about Paris, check out my other posts here.


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