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Polish Pottery Shopping in Bolesławiec, Poland + Map

everything you need to know about Polish pottery shopping in Bolesławiec!

If you’re stationed in Germany or an expat living in Europe, you’ll probably hear about Polish pottery during your time overseas. When people talk about going “Polish pottery shopping” they almost always mean that they’re visiting the town of Bolesławiec, Poland, and have plans to shop till they drop.

Everything you need to know—including an interactive map and things to do with the kids—for Polish pottery shopping in Boleslawiec.

When we first arrived in Germany I naively vowed that I’d probably never get any Polish pottery because it wasn’t my style. We previously lived in Italy and I accumulated a lot of ceramics from Nove, another destination shopping hotspot.

Well, it turns out that there’s a whole lot of Polish pottery out there, and some of it actually is my cup of tea (…literally, since I now own several Polish pottery mugs to drink said tea.)

Going Polish pottery shopping in Bolesławiec can be completely overwhelming your first time, so that’s where this guide comes in handy. I won’t lie and pretend I did all of this myself.

While I have been to Bolesławiec for pottery twice, gracious friends have helped me compile this info.

I highly recommend making your trip to Bolesławiec into a girl’s weekend, because shopping with friends and making a little getaway out of it is super fun!

*Sorry for the lack of photos; we’re always too busy shopping when we’re there!

Quick Tips for Polish Pottery Shopping in Bolesławiec

I love this section for jotting down important information you should know.

  • Plan on driving to Bolesławiec and take a friend who owns a van. You’ll thank me later when you can bring all your new ceramics back home. If you fly or take the train you may have to leave pieces behind.
  • Skip the Zloty (Polish currency). Unless you’re going somewhere else in Poland, you can get by using a credit card and even paying in Euros at some stores.
  • Bring a tape measure! If you want to mix patterns, not all dishes at each store are the same size. Our tape measure came in so handy!
  • Leave the kids behind. No, I’m not kidding. This may be a family-friendly travel blog, but believe me, this trip is better without kids. Some of the stores’ aisles are very narrow, and I wouldn’t want even my most responsible child in there. Trust me, even I was nervous I was going to step on a pile of plates on the floor or turn too suddenly and make a tower of bowls topple over.
  • If you’re bringing kids because I know that may be unavoidable, and the weather is nice, there are several parks around town (see them on the map here) where they can play while you shop. You could also consider setting up a workshop with your spouse (or other caretaker) at Manufacture sp.j. Factory Stoneware (see below) so they can create something while you shop around town.
  • Here are a couple of helpful things to know in Polish:
    Bolesławiec = bowl-eh-swave-iets.
    Thank you (Dziękuję) = gen-coo-yeh
  • Have some extra free time? Take the train to Wrocław, Poland, and go gnome hunting, or train west and go to Dresden, Germany. If you have a car you can also check out the Rakotzbrücke, aka the “Devil’s Bridge” a little over an hour away. (See picture below)

Where is Bolesławiec, Poland

map of poland showing Boleslaweic
Map source

Because I had no idea until I started looking into it, Bolesławiec is in southwest Poland. It’s only two hours from Dresden, Germany, and about three hours from Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve previously only ever visited Gdańsk, so it was neat to see another part of Poland.

The town itself is small and easy to navigate, but you’ll need a car.

The first time I visited Bolesławiec it was part of a 10-day Eastern European road trip, that I highly recommend! The second time was a girl’s trip with my friends.

How to Get to Bolesławiec, Poland

If you’re headed to Bolesławiec for pottery then I highly recommend driving (preferably taking a van or an SUV with lots of space for your new ceramic pieces).

It’s a pretty easy, albeit a long, drive, and if you hit construction it’ll only make it longer, but if you’re on a mission for pottery, this is the way to do it.

Alternatively, you can fly into Wrocław and take the train into Bolesławiec…but then how will you get your pottery home?!

Polish Pottery: Where to Shop + A Map

I forgot to take pictures along the way—so sorry! The above pics are from Henry’s, our last stop and one of the spots where I found many of my favorite designs.

Okay, this is probably why you came here, right? To find out where all the good shops are. So here’s my list, complete with a Google map, you can use to plot your shopping course.

Map of where to Polish pottery shop in Bolesławiec

As always, please proceed with caution, because this is Europe. Double-check the opening hours/dates with Google, and keep in mind that places in Europe just might be closed for no apparent reason even if things say they’re open.

These are our favorite stores for Polish pottery shopping in Bolesławiec:

this is the “strip mall”

Here are a few more Polish pottery stores in Bolesławiec. I haven’t personally been to these, but they’ve been recommended by friends. Also, note that there are many more shops around town that you’ll see as you drive around.

Blue Stamp Pottery Shop 
Zgorzelecka 22B, 59-700 Bolesławiec, Poland

Polish Pottery 
Zgorzelecka 22, 59-700 Bolesławiec, Poland
Monday to Friday 9 am—7 pm
Saturday from 9 am—4 pm
Sunday from 9 am—2 pm

Ceramic plants BOLESŁAWIEC  
Kościuszki 11, 59-700 Bolesławiec, Poland
Monday to Friday: 7 am—3 pm

73, 59-720 Tomaszów Bolesławiecki, Poland
Monday to Saturday 7 am—7 pm 

Where to Stay in Bolesławiec, Poland

Here are some places to stay when you’re visiting Bolesławiec:

  • Hotel Chrobrego 9
    I stayed here with 5 friends; we had two rooms. The place was fantastic, the breakfast had an outstanding variety, their restaurant was open late with great food, and their hospitality was delightful. It’s also close to a Lidle (just behind the hotel) and the train station if you want to take any day trips!
    check here for prices
  • The Blue Beetroot Recently closed 🙁
    I haven’t personally stayed here, but I know more than a handful of friends who have, and they all recommend it. It’s a popular accommodation among Americans. They have large family rooms and a great breakfast; they’ll even pack lunch to go so you don’t have to worry about that while you’re shopping for pottery around Bolesławiec!
    check here for prices
  • Ibis Styles Boleslawiec
    Friends stayed here and said it was a fine place to stay. These are usually quirky (in a good way) hotels with a great breakfast included. We’ve stayed at several around Europe and have enjoyed them.
    check here for prices
  • Hotel Centrum Bolesławiec
    According to friends, this was a fine place to stay. It’s within walking distance of the center, includes breakfast, and is inexpensive.
    check here for prices
  • Piramida
    Highly recommended by friends. There’s a play area (indoor and outdoor) for kids and an on-site restaurant.
    check here for prices

Where to Eat in Bolesławiec, Poland

photos above from when we ate at Dobra Pierogarnia.

Ahhh Polish food is SO good! We noticed that there weren’t too many places open “late” for dinner (our hotel was one of them and we were so thankful for that one night!), so keep that in mind while you’re hunting for food.

Here are a few places we’ve eaten at and some recommendations from friends.

  • Dobra Pierogarnia.
    Piaskowa 11a, 59-700 Bolesławiec, Poland
    Monday through Saturday: 11 am—6 pm
    Delicious and super cheap pierogies. Don’t skip the fruit ones!
  • Hotel Chrobrego 9
    Bolesława Chrobrego 9, 59-700 Bolesławiec, Poland
    Noon—10 pm
    Great variety and it’s open later than most places. Excellent drink selection, too.
  • Restauracja Pod Złotym Aniołem
    Wednesday through Sunday: noon—10 pm
    Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
    In the center of Bolesławiec and popular with friends. There’s outdoor seating, too.
  • Kamionkowa Chata
    Główna 23, 59-700 Kruszyn, Poland
    Tuesday—Thursday: 11 am—8 pm
    Friday and Saturday: 11 am—9 pm
    Sunday: noon—8 pm
    Monday: closed
    It was recommended by friends. Little to no English spoken; have your Google Translate handy.

If you make it to Bolesławiec and this guide helps you, I’d love to hear about your trip and how it all went! And if you visited any store, hotel, or restaurant not mentioned here, please let me know! Thanks for reading.


  1. Hello! My mom and I are going in March because she loves Polish Pottery! Which hotel do you think is the most centrally located near Polish Pottery shops? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Love this! I’m going to Poland in mid-July. I’m coming from CZ – would you recommend car or train/bus? And, any tips if I need to get it back on my plane (packing, etc).

    1. Sorry for the late response. My suggestion for Boleslawiec is definitely by car if you plan on pottery shopping. If you’re flying or going via train just make sure you bring an extra bag/suitcase and pack everything REALLY well.

  3. My favorite hotel is the Protea. The rooms are comfortable, clean and the staff is awesome. The protea is one of the first hotels to welcome Americans with a safe place to stay, they have a gated parking lot. I’ve had 3 tours in Germany, 1989-2002; 2008-2012, 2018-2022.

    They have a nice restaurant with a bar and a very nice breakfast.

    They are a small family business.


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