Top 10 Posts from 2023

I love seeing everyone’s recaps and “top” posts from the previous year. Plus it’s always fun to go back and see what was popular. I realized I hadn’t done a best-of-post in a couple of years. Last year I shared our travels from 2022, so it’s about time that I dive into it again.

But, first and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU to you.

Running a website is a lot of hard work and sometimes it feels like I’m just throwing stuff out into the world with no way to know if it’s impacting anyone…and then I’ll talk to one of you in person, or get a message/email/note/comment from someone saying that a post I wrote helped them. I can’t begin to tell you what that means to me.

Back in the day comments on blog posts used to come easily for bloggers, but things have changed since then. So when I do hear feedback about something I wrote, it truly makes my day and spurs me on to write another post.

So, thank you for your kindness! And if a post I’ve written has helped you, the best way the help me is to share it with your friends.

Ironically, 2023 was my best blogging year financially, and I almost doubled my pageviews some months from the past year.

I owe this to the fact that I slightly changed my tactics in 2021 and 2022 by changing my design, making my site faster, creating posts that look great (prettier and more streamlined, and with different layouts), and focusing more on writing helpful content…as opposed to posts like this where I just ramble and write as a journal entry.

It took some time, but I’m starting to see the fruits of those labors, and I’m excited to see what 2024 brings.

My blog has never been my “job.” I’ve always labeled it as my hobby, which is true since I’ve been doing it forever. But I’d also like to start making it more of a priority. Perhaps that will be a 2025 goal.

While I wish I could promise that I’ll devote more time to my blog in 2024, we do have an upcoming move* this summer so I don’t want to pigeonhole myself and say that I’ll carve out more time to write when I’d honestly rather travel more, hang out with friends, and be in my community.

*We have no idea where we’re moving yet, so don’t worry; you haven’t missed an announcement.

Top 10 posts from 2023

So without further rambling, here are the top 10 posts from 2023 and published in 2023 (starting with the top post first):

Top 10 Posts of All Time

And now for the top 10 posts of all time, because when you’ve been blogging for as long as I have, you’ve gotta share something like this!

1: A New Mexico Biscochito recipe (est. 2020)

Read it here.

2: The Best Spain and Portugal Itinerary: 14-Day Road Trip (est. 2022)

Read it here.

3. Where to Find Tulip Fields in Germany (est. 2021)

Read it here.

4. Ultimate Guide for the Cologne Christmas Market (est. 2022)

Read it here.

5. FREE PCS Binder Printables and Cheat Sheets (est. 2020)

Read it here.

6. New Mexico Calabacitas Recipe (est. 2020)

Read it here.

7. Disney Cruise Packing List: Extra Fun Things You Need (est. 2022)

Read it here.

8. Things to Take to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (est. 2015)

Read it here.

9. Green Chile Sauce Recipe (est. 2017)

Read it here.

10. An Awesome Eastern Europe Itinerary: 10-day Road Trip (est. 2022)

Read it here.

Things to Look Forward to in 2024

Since we don’t even know what country or continent we’ll live in six months from now, it’s honestly really hard to make plans and goals since there’s a decent chance they may not happen. And setting one’s self up for failure is just kinda rude.

But, there are always things I’d love to see happen with this site. So whether or not they do happen is up in the air. I don’t want to commit to anything this early on.

A few things I’d love to see that I’ll be working towards this year:

  • Complete posts that are in my drafts folder. I have so many posts in there and many of them are almost complete. I’d love to buckle down and either finish/publish those posts or send them to the trash.
  • Complete my super-secret product. I’ve been working on something in the background that I’d love to complete in the next few months. I’m hopeful that this will be a way to bring in a steady stream of revenue.
  • Keep track of my blogging income/expenses in a more organized manner.
  • Double the income I made in 2023. I wasn’t expecting to make what I did last year, so that was actually a surprise. Knowing what I did do makes me want to actually buckle down and try to increase that this year.

Okay, that’s it for now. I feel like these are attainable and will be worthwhile not only to me but to you…my readers.

Thanks for sticking around and for all of your support!

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