A Perfect Itinerary for a Weekend in the Black Forest

If you’re ready to spend a couple of days in Germany’s Black Forest this itinerary is exactly what you need to help you plan your trip.

Ready to spend a weekend in the Black Forest? This post shares a great two-day Black Forest itinerary perfect for families.

We spent a weekend in the Black Forest during the fall, and it was everything I hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the forest was magical, and the charm was on point.

I planned our trip to the Black Forest not once, not twice, but five times! For one reason or another, it kept getting canceled, but we finally made it. Honestly, after so many failed attempts I was afraid I expected too much and put the area on a pedestal. ⁠

Thankfully, it lived up to its gorgeous potential. ⁠The Black Forest was stunning; its beauty blew us away and I’m so thankful we made it. ⁠

As far as trips go, our weekend in the Black Forest was pretty chill and easy-going. I didn’t have anything (besides our accommodation) pre-booked, and except for a general idea of things to do, we didn’t plan.

So if you’re the planning type, hopefully, this post will help you make the most of your weekend in the Black Forest.

⁠Our Quick Look at Our Weekend in the Black Forest⁠

In case you’d also like to spend two days in the Black Forest, here’s a quick look at what we did:

Day 1:
Explored Triberg/Bought a Cuckoo Clock
Rode an Alpine Coaster

Day 2:
Tree Top Walk
Lake Mummelsee

Keep in mind that this is only for a couple of days in the Black Forest. There’s a decent amount of driving involved when you’re in the area, so we didn’t pack too much into our schedule.

A Detailed Look at Spending a Weekend in the Black Forest

A weekend in the Black Forest is a great way to get your toes wet by checking out the area. If you’re interested in a more in-depth look at what we did, here you go:

Travel Day (Friday)

We left our area in the afternoon and arrived at our Airbnb in Alpirsbach, our home away from home for the weekend, just after 8 pm. There was nothing to do but check into our Airbnb and get a good night’s rest.

*If you want more accommodation ideas, scroll to the bottom. I’m sharing all the places I booked for the trips we couldn’t make.

If we arrived earlier we absolutely would have made plans to go to the Alpirsbach brewery. We love their beer and didn’t put two and two together until we drove right past it on our way into town. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to check it out.

Day 1 (Saturday)

I highly recommend making sure wherever you’re staying has a balcony because waking up to the early-morning fog rolling in over the forest with a cup of warm coffee in your hands is simply breathtaking.

After breakfast, we started driving. Our goal was to make it down to Triberg, but we left some room for spontaneity. Our kids suggested we try to find a geocache, so we did just that and found some fun ones.

Geocaching is one of our favorite activities, especially in new places. It was fun finding a couple in the Black Forest.

Exploring Triberg/Getting a Cuckoo Clock

We made it to Triberg before lunchtime, giving us a chance to walk around and check out a few cuckoo clock shops. Because you can’t go to the Black Forest and not look at them!

We parked here in Triberg; there were plenty of spaces and it was easy access to the town.

Again, we didn’t have an agenda in Triberg. We just walked up and down the main street and went into stores here and there. Our main objective was to possibly get a cuckoo clock, so we popped into stores to see what we could find.

Shopping worked up an appetite, so we ate at a restaurant across from the Triberg Waterfall entrance. The food was good, but pass on the Black Forest Cake; it was nothing to write home about. I’ll share our favorite place for cake below.

Fueled with more energy, we went back to Oli’s Schnitzstube (up the hill and around the corner) and bought our cuckoo clock. It’s custom-made and we love it! It’s currently packaged up for our upcoming move, but I’ll update this post when we get it out so I can share some photos.

The town of Triberg is pretty small, so after our cuckoo clock escapades we set out on our way back up north toward our Airbnb.

Along the way, we stopped at the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock—when in “Rome,” y’all.

It was pretty gigantic, the size of a house, and it worked. However, if you want to hear it you need to be there at the top or bottom of the hour. We were there during neither of those times, and we had more exciting things to do, so we snapped our pictures and went on our merry way.

*We did not go to the Triberg waterfall; I heard from enough people that it’s just “eh” (since you have to pay for it), so we decided to skip it since we were short on time. And besides geocaching, we didn’t do any hikes. If/when we go back to the Black Forest again we’ll 100% add some hikes into our plan; we just didn’t have time during this trip.⁠

Riding an Alpine Coaster

One of the highlights during our weekend in the Black Forest was going on an Alpine “coaster.” These toboggan runs are scattered all around southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, so we were thrilled that we found one in the Black Forest and on our route back to our place.

The Sommerrodelbahn Gutach was so much fun and all five of us loved it. I won’t lie: I’m scared of heights and was a little nervous going on it. The hill getting to the top was super steep, but I liked the fact that I had control of our speed on the way down.

I highly recommend you do this during your weekend in the Black Forest. Here’s a reel with a super quick look at our experience:

Enjoying the Best Black Forest Cake

The road back to our Airbnb was closed on our way back, forcing us to detour and go off the map. The bright side is that we ended up having the best Black Forest Cake during our entire trip.

By the time we got back on the main road again we were all ready for dinner and literally stopped at the first place we saw that was open.

It turned out to be a mom-and-pop (or Oma and Opa) run hotel and restaurant called Gasthof Adler Fohrenbühl. They graciously sat us despite not having a reservation, which we were so thankful for.

Dinner was delicious, but dessert was even better. The cake was fluffy and flavorful with hints of deep, not-too-tart cherry and mouthwatering frosting. Other cakes we tried in the area made us pucker with their overly boozy flavor and sour cherries.

My only regret is that we didn’t get a slice to go…or a better picture before we devoured it. Sorry!

Day 2 (Sunday)

We drove north for the second and last day of our weekend in the Black Forest. Driving around the area was so enjoyable and one of my favorite things about the region.

For what it’s worth, and for full transparency, the kids were bored by us taking the “long” way everywhere, but we loved it; it was just so crisp and clear and beautiful.

The way the trees created a blanket of darkness as you rode into their dense lair was something right out of a fairytale even more so when you’d emerge on the other side into a perfectly manicured, gorgeous scene.

Seriously, it was pretty spectacular.

The Tree Top Walk (and Slide)

About an hour north of where we stayed was a Baumwipfelpfad — a tree-top walk. There are several of these around Germany, but I was thrilled we found one in the Black Forest.

You essentially walk on a tall bridge path through the forest. There are interactive elements throughout the walk and gorgeous scenery and wildlife all around.

Before you know it, you’ll be face to face with a giant structure that looks completely out of place for the nature surrounding it.

Keep following the inclined path as it leads you up above the trees and enjoy the 360º lookout at the top.

There are two options to get down: walk back the way you came or take the slide down. Our family opted for the slide (note: it’s 2 euros per person to ride the slide down, so have some money with you). It was pretty fun.

Once you reach the bottom you’ll find bathrooms, and a playground (that you can see from the top). You have to pay extra to go to the playground…and it’s not cheap. I didn’t realize that it was two separate things until we were there.

We planned on letting them play, but once we saw the price (times three), we bailed on it and got lunch and ice cream from the little food hut instead.

The walk back to the car—not via the tree-top walk—is easy.

Good Things to Know about the Baumwipfelpfad:

  • You can take a stroller, but keep in mind there’s a decent incline to get to the top of the lookout point. You also can’t use the slide, or do any of the fun activities along the way if you have a stroller.
  • You have to pay extra—and separately—to go into the playground area. And it wasn’t cheap. Here’s info on the playground.
  • You also have to pay extra to go down the slide (2 euros per rider).
  • There’s a little food stand (with beer, too) at the base of the slide once you’ve left the Baumwipfelpfad.

Lake Mummelsee

Lake Mummelsee translates to, “Mermaid Lake,” so the second I discovered we’d be near a lake with a mermaid I knew we had to visit during our weekend in the Black Forest.

It felt like the drive took forever to get here even though it was only about an hour from the Baumwipfelpfad. We weren’t the only ones who thought about visiting; the area was packed.

Somehow we managed to find a parking spot right in front of the lake, otherwise, I don’t know if we would have stayed. There weren’t a lot of options for other places to park, other than the side of the very busy road.

The lake itself was really pretty, nestled into a mountain and not far at all from the road.

We walked all along the lake—the mermaid is towards the back of the lake, and I was extra thankful it was a nice day outside. I’m assuming everyone else was thankful it was a nice day, too!

You could rent little boats to go out on the lake, but we never actually saw the person who you rent them from, which was a bummer since we were considering it.

There was a restaurant and a couple of souvenir stores near the parking lot (the Black Forest Cake here was a letdown).

Drive Back “Home”

After our break at the lake, we drove back to our home away from home. I made a reservation online for a steakhouse back in town. The steak was delicious and my husband’s burger was huge and really good.

We called it an early night and enjoyed hanging out on our balcony that evening for our last night in the Black Forest.

Where We Stayed in the Black Forest

We based ourselves in Alpirsbach at the AirBnB seen here. The location was great—we knew the things we wanted to see during our weekend in the Black Forest would be spread out, so this was right in between everything.

I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve booked a trip to the Black Forest multiple times for trips that ended up not happening.

Here are the other places I’ve booked (but we did not stay in) or places that were on our wish list:

Your Weekend Trip to the Black Forest

If you find yourself in the Black Forest for two days, I’d love to hear what you did or if this post helped you. Spending a weekend in the Black Forest was great for our family, so I hope you’ll have a great time, too!

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