hey there!

I’m Jess

I’m a mama to three kids, a seasoned Air Force wife, an avid napper, addicted to travel, and an over-sharer of all the things. Seriously, I overshare a lot…like that one time I wrote a post on going poop after having a baby.

Now that the baby days are behind us, I share more about our favorite family meals (that the whole family actually eats), helping military spouses when it’s time to move…again, and kid-friendly travel tips and guides to help make your trip run a little smoother.

A little about us

No matter where the Air Force sends us, home will always be New Mexico; Albuquerque, to be specific. Thankfully, because of my husband’s job, we’ve seen the world and are addicted to exploring—whether it’s our own neighborhood, a new city, or a country, we try to make the most out of wherever we are. 

For the past four years, we’ve called Germany home but we’re actually about to move to England. We’ve also had the pleasure of living in Italy, New Mexico (our hometown), San Diego, and Georgia (the state, not the country)

Our kids were all born in different locations and are learning from the world around them. But before you think they’re perfect little travelers, don’t worry: they’re still kids who whine to go home in the middle of a castle, refuse to put on their shoes or jackets, and beg for snacks all day, every day.

But that’s the beauty of growing up and traveling; kids can still be kids no matter where you are.

About the blog

Established 19 years ago in 2005, Jessica Lynn Writes is a family travel and lifestyle blog for the 30-something parent looking for someone they can relate to. As a mom to small tiny humans, I chat about real-life stuff people can relate to and want to know about.

Covering everything from local road trips and adventures around the world with her family of five, to good eats with homemade recipes and trusted restaurant reviews, you’ll find something you’ll want to devour on this site.

And, as an Air Force family for more than a decade, Jessica Lynn also shares the realities of military life with everything from the hardships of deployments and the joy of care packages and homecomings to moving every 2-4 years.