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Easy Cheese Enchiladas

76e4e19975ef90ce832a5f1314355311?s=30&d=mm&r=gJessica Lynn
Intimidated by making your own Mexican food? These easy enchiladas only involve TWO ingredients! plus you can customize it if you'd like.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican


  • corn tortillas
  • cheese sticks cut in half length-wise
  • cheese (cheddar; or a blend) grated
  • onions, diced OPTIONAL
  • red or green chile sauce OPTIONAL


  • Preheat oven to 350º, and get out whatever baking dish you want to use.
  • Take each individual corn tortilla and run it under tap water; just to get each side wet. Put, now wet, tortillas on a plate or mat.
  • Heat a griddle, large pan, or cast iron skillet on a stovetop on low heat.
  • Place tortillas on warm griddle. Wait about 10 seconds, then flip for another 5-10 seconds. If they start to bubble, get them off the heat; you just want to warm them up and make them pliable. Set aside once warmed.
  • When you're ready to build your enchiladas: take one tortilla and put the cheese stick on the bottom 1/4 of it, horizontally. Fold the bottom edge of tortilla over the cheese and roll it up.
  • Carefully place each rolled enchilada in baking dish.
  • Repeat with remaining enchiladas.
  • Cover enchiladas with desired amount of shredded cheese. (Optional, sprinkle diced onion and/or smother with red chile sauce)
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until cheese is melted and bubbly.